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Daphne Lo, MD
Assistant Professor

4150 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94121

Dr. Daphne Lo is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Geriatrics, Department of Medicine. Daphne recently completed two years of Geriatrics fellowship (one clinical and one research year) and transitioned to a clinician educator role within the UCSF Division of Geriatrics in 2016. Daphne's clinical fellowship included rotations in medical directorship in which she took part in a pharmacy quality improvement project for the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Centers' (SFVAMC) Community Living Center (CLC). Daphne analyzed incidents of medication adverse events occurring in the SFVAMC CLC during one quarter of the 2015 fiscal year. Using the results, Daphne recommended changes to prescribing and medication monitoring practices to improve medication safety. During Daphne's research fellowship year, she assumed clinical and teaching roles in the SFVAMC Geriatrics clinic and Home Based Primary Care (HBPC) program as an attending physician. In the same year, Daphne submitted a quality improvement proposal for vaccine education and monitoring in HBPC. Daphne now continues her role as a medical consultant for HBPC in addition to providing direct patient care in the SFVAMC CLC.

During Daphne's time as a Geriatrics fellow at UCSF with a passion for medical education, Daphne pursued opportunities to develop and grow her knowledge and skills as a teacher and medical educator. Daphne applied the knowledge and skills she learned in the Health Professions Education (HPE) pathway to teaching medical students in small group sessions throughout the UCSF medical school curriculum including sessions in Intersessions, Foundations of Patient Care, the Pilot Assessment Week, and the Interprofessional Standardized Patient Exercise. Teaching various small groups gave Daphne a greater understanding of the UCSF medical school curriculum and allowed her to practice and expand her direct teaching skills.

Daphne was also able to combine the skills and knowledge she gained from HPE with her passion for interprofessional health professions education during the 2014-2015 academic year. Daphne led a team of educators from the School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy to develop an innovative and interprofessional two-hour session for the capstone UCSF fourth year Coda course. Their efforts brought together nearly all fourth year medical students and select pharmacy students in a two-hour, interactive small-group session with interprofessional facilitation. Daphne was recognized for her leadership in this project with the UCSF Geriatrics Institute for Incentives in Health Care Award. The session was recognized for its innovation and ambition at the 2015 Donald W. Reynolds Foundation Annual Meeting and was selected for an oral presentation at the 2016 UCSF Education Innovations Showcase and 2016 American Geriatrics Society Annual Meeting.

During Daphne's advanced fellowship year, she continued to engage in teaching medical students while expanding her experience in teaching interprofessional learners of various levels. As an attending and medical consultant at the SFVA's Home Based Primary Care program, she informally taught nurse practitioners of various experience levels through identifying teaching points in shared patient experiences. Daphne was also invited to conduct a training on dementia for social workers at the SFVA during the 2015-2016 academic year. Daphne regularly taught Geriatrics fellows as a preceptor in the SFVA Geriatrics fellows' clinic.

Daphne continues to teach throughout the UCSF Bridges curriculum as a faculty member. She was a preceptor for the Foundations of Patient Care MS2 Preceptorship and will be a small group facilitator in the Inquiry curriculum and Team Learning and Communication Skills course.

Research is crucial to advancing the body of knowledge in medical education and exploring and improving outcomes of educational interventions. As a Masters of Arts in Education student, Daphne is capitalizing on her interests in interprofessional health professions education and conducting an evaluation and study of the inpatient Patient Aligned Care Team (iPACT), a new inpatient interprofessional internal medicine team model piloted at the SFVA. Through a quantitative study of the team dynamics of iPACT and team members' perceptions of iPACT's impact on resident education, Daphne hopes to advance the body of knowledge in interprofessional team building and interprofessional education.

Education and Training

Location Degree or Training Specialty Date
University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA M.A.Ed 2016
University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA Fellow Geriatrics 2016
University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA Fellow Geriatrics 2015
University of Colorado Denver, Aurora, CO Resident Internal Medicine, Primary Care 2014
University of Colorado Denver, Aurora, CO Intern Internal Medicine, Primary Care 2012
Saint Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO M.D. 2011
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY B.S. Animal Science 2006


Geriatrics, interprofessional, medical education

Awards and Honors
2015   UCSF Geriatrics Institute for Incentives in Health Care Award, University of California San Francisco, 2015
2014   Outstanding Ambulatory R3 Award, University of Colorado Denver, 2014
2013   Hergott Heart of Medicine Award. First place award for narrative medicine piece., University of Colorado Denver, 2013
2012   UCSF Division of Geriatrics Scholarship Award, University of California San Francisco, 2012
2011   Smith, Richter, Sackman Service Award for service and contribution to Saint Louis University School, Saint Louis University School of Medicine, 2011
2011   Donald W Bussmann Award for loyalty and service to medical school admissions at Saint Louis Universi, Saint Louis University School of Medicine, 2011
2010   Alpha Sigma Nu, National Honor Society of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, Saint Louis University School of Medicine, 2010
2010   Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, Saint Louis University School of Medicine, 2010
2010   Gold Humanism Honor Society, Saint Louis University School of Medicine, 2010

Recent Articles (6)

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Jabrane-Ferrat N, Bloom D, Wu A, Li L, Lo D, Sreedharan SP, Turck CW, Goetzl AE. Enhancement by vasoactive intestinal peptide of gamma-interferon production by antigen-stimulated type 1 helper T cells. FASEB J. 1999 Feb; 13(2):347-53.

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