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Welcome Sarah Pierluissi!

Please welcome Sarah Pierluissi, Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator who will be working with Dr. Brie Williams and her team. Sarah previously worked with Dr. Sudore’s team on her PREPARE projects and we’re really excited to have her back for the summer. Sarah is currently enrolled at Boston University with an expected graduation date in 2018. She also volunteers at Youth on Fire, where she helps homeless youth find housing and provide mentorship. Sarah is also an intern at the William James Graduate School of Psychology, where she helps to analyze and evaluate psychological studies with data analyses in Excel, Qualtrics, and REDcap. Last but not least, Sarah is an established coach for the Pacific Rowing Camp. Her amazing talent helped her to win the Freshman of the Year Award in 2015! Sarah can be reached at and 415-502-3628. She’s based at Laurel Heights (Suite 282).