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Carla Perissinotto and Helen Kao Spoke at a Day-Long Symposia on Loneliness in Older Adults

Carla Perissinotto, MD, MHS and Helen Kao, MD , along with Patrick Arbore of the Institute on Aging, were invited speakers for a day-long symposia on Loneliness in Older Adults for Clackamas County Aging and Mental Health department, this past Thursday, June 22. Carla presented on the clinical significance of Loneliness, along with screening and interventions. Dr Arbore spoke about Suicide in older adults. Helen discussed comprehensive advance care planning as a possible strategy to mitigate some of the risk factors for loneliness. The audience included almost 200 service providers and community members. Initial feedback from audience members included comments that the symposia was one of the best and most useful symposia participants had ever attended.