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Anna Chodos Chaired and Presented a Symposium at IAGG 2017

Anna Chodos, MD, MPH chaired and presented a Symposium at IAGG entitled "Disrupting Aging: Changing Paradigms of Reaching Older Adults in Underserved Communities" on July 24th, co-chaired by Dr. Erwin Tan, Director of Thought Leadership, Health, at AARP. In her talk "Partnering to Better Serve Vulnerable Older Adults", she presented her work on creating and leading the Optimizing Aging Collaborative. Through education and practice improvement, the OAC integrates geriatrics into primary care and community services to reach underserved older adults. She highlighted the immense contributions of many UCSF geriatrics faculty and staff and School of Medicine and Nursing colleagues, including Louise Walter (co-PI), Alicia Neumann (Program Director), Jack Anderson, Kate Radcliffe, Elaine Chow, Josette Rivera, Carla Perissinotto, Helen Horvath, Pei Chen, Eric Widera, Brie Williams, Helen Kao, Louise Aronson, Lynda Mackin, Miranda Dunlop, Brooke Hollister, Janet Myers and Remi Frazier.