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Krista Harrison Organize Neuropalliative Care Events at the Memory and Aging Center

Krista Lyn Harrison, PhD, co-organized a series of events on neuropalliative care in the Memory and Aging Center. These included an evening event where Drs. Christine Ritchie and Winston Chiong interviewed Dr. Maisha Robinson, a neurologist and palliative medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, on her career path and research on advance care planning among African American communities of faith. Please click here for a recording of Dr. Maisha Robinson's salon on Fairness talk. Dr. Harrison also led a neuroethics discussion on palliative care for dementia and joined Drs. Chiong and Liz Dzeng in giving a Memory and Aging Center talk on the California End of Life Options Act and its relevance to people with neurodegenerative illnesses.