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  PAC awards early "seed" funding
Dec 11, 2012 The Program for the Aging Century awarded applications for early “seed” funding for faculty or fellows to support innovations in the care of vulnerable older adults and their caregivers. This year’s awards were granted to the three following projects:
“A Multi-media, Advance Care Planning Website for Chinese-Speaking Patients” led by Dr. Rebecca Sudore.
“Hospice decision making at the end of life among community-dwelling older adults with a limited prognosis” led by doctoral student Rafael Romo with Dr. Alex Smith as mentor.
“Evaluating a geriatric approach in a real-world clinic with both frail older adults and frail middle-aged adults with accelerated aging” led by Dr. Liz Davis with mentor Dr. Louise Aronson.

  More Faculty Publications!
Dec 11, 2012 Katherine Aragon (former UCSF resident and palliative care fellow), Alex Smith , Ken Covinsky Lynn Flint , John Boscardin , and Yinghui Miao published a paper about the use of the Medicare skilled nursing facility (SNF) benefit at the end of life, in Archives of Internal Medicine. Press about this manuscript included a story in the Chicago Tribune (Reuters) and New York Times New Old Age Blog

  Brie Williams represents Geriatrics!
Dec 11, 2012 Brie Williamsrepresented Geriatrics at the cosponsored IOM/NAS workshop on health and incarceration.

  Edgar Pierluissi, John Boscardin, Kate Kirby, and Seth Landefeld contribute to paper
Dec 11, 2012 Dr. Edgar Pierluissi , Kala Mehta, John Boscardin, Kate Kirby, and Seth Landefeld from the UCSF Division of Geriatrics, along with Richard Fortinsky and Robert Palmer, published a paper (Depressive Symptoms After Hospitalization in Older Adults: Function and Mortality Outcomes) in the December issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society documenting poor function and mortality outcomes associated with persistent or worsening depressive symptoms in the year after hospitalization in older adults. Dr. Edgar Pierluissi also authored a Commentary (Morbidity and Mortality Conferences: Change You Can Believe In?) on an article in the December issue of the Journal for Graduate Medical Education. The article and commentary discuss whether more errors, adverse events, and systems-based practice are being presented in Medicine Morbidity and Mortality conferences currently (2010-2011) than were being presented 10 years ago.

  Brie Williams participated in a study featured in the SF Chronicle
Dec 11, 2012 Findings of a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine by Vivien Sun, MD and Brie Williams , MD MS were recently featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. The study, “How Safe is Your Neighborhood? Perceived Neighborhood Safety and Functional Decline”, found an association between perception of neighborhood safety and 10-year functional decline among older adults. In the Chronicle’s article, “Walkable surroundings benefit seniors”, Dr. Williams is quoted: “The most important thing is for older adults to take any measures they can to optimize their feelings of safety and to try to work with the resources they have - other family members or friends - to really identify ways to feel safer in their neighborhoods and, if they have the resources, to be able to identify a different living situation." Dr. Sun was first author of the study under Dr. Williams’ mentorship in the Medical Student Training in Aging Research (MSTAR) Program. Irena Stijacic Cezner, MA, Helen Kao , MD, and Cyrus Ahalt, MPP, of the Division of Geriatrics also contributed to the study.

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