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  Richard Gregory passed the Geriatric Dentistry Fellowship Exam
Aug 06, 2013 Richard Gregory sat for and passed the Geriatric Dentistry Fellowship Exam in New Orleans earlier this year:

The American Society for Geriatric Dentistry (ASGD) is committed to the advancement of oral health care for older adults. Fellowship in ASGD indicates that the dentist or doctoral member has demonstrated, through a formal evaluation process that he/she possesses the formal education, training, experience, skills, leadership, knowledge, and commitment needed to advance geriatric dentistry in institutional, academic, community and private practice settings.

Exam Date: Thursday, April 18, 2013 in New Orleans, LA

  Dr. Rebecca Sudore presented to the Institute of Medicine Committee on Addressing Key End of Life issues.
Aug 06, 2013 Dr. Rebecca Sudore was invited to speak to the Institute of Medicine Committee on Addressing Key End of Life Issues. She spoke about Literacy, Language, and Culture and Preserving the Patient's Story.

  Medical students in the UCSF MSTAR program presented their research at the UCLA MSTAR meeting
Aug 06, 2013 This week, first year medical students in the UCSF MSTAR (Medical Student Training in Aging Research) program presented their research at the UCLA MSTAR meeting. MSTAR is a mentored summer research program in which first year medical students are mentored by UCSF geriatrics faculty and complete research projects. From left to right: Adi Shafir (from the University of Pittsburgh, mentor Christine Ritchie ); Donovan Barfield and Brandon Perkovich (UCSF, mentor Victor Valcour ); Hilary Jenny (Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, mentor Alison Huang); Catherine Chui (UCSF, mentor Rebecca Sudore ), and Julie Thai (Michigan State University, mentor Alex Smith ).

  Jessica Eng leads a project that wins for UCSF medical center, and Eric Widera is on a project that wins for SFVA
Aug 12, 2013 Drs. Jessica Eng and Eric Widera were project team winners at UCSF's third annual "Quality & Safety Symposium" Summer 2013 e-Newsletter for DOM Quality & Safety Programs

Dear DOM faculty, staff, and trainees—

Quality & Safety Innovation Challenge Recap
We hosted our third annual "Quality & Safety Symposium" and celebrated 61 projects that were presented as part of the 2012-13 "Quality and Safety Innovation Challenge" (QSIC). The QSIC was designed to provide opportunities for DOM trainees, staff, and faculty to work collaboratively as multidisciplinary teams, and design and implement innovative solutions aimed at improving patient care. The event was also highlighted by a lively panel discussion led by DOM faculty Alice Chen, Adrienne Green, Catherine Lucey, and Bob Wacther, who shared reflections on systems change work, the growing involvement of trainees, and the opportunities ahead. The project team winners from the 2013 symposium were:

· SFGH: “Improving Provider Experience and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Complex Care Management Program” Anneliese Johnson, Julia Janssen, Fern Ebeling, Lisa Tang, Lindsay Evans, Claire Horton, Reena Gupta, Elizabeth Davis

· SFVA: “Before Discharge, Take Your Patient’s POLST: An Effort to Increase Durable Documentation of Code Status at the VA” Laura Petrillo, Aparna Goel, Eric Widera

· UCSFMC: “Action Research Program: Improving specialty care access through system redesign and team-based care” Jessica Eng, Sara Ackerman, Christy Boscardin, Laura Cantino, Ralph Gonzales, Margaret Handley, Cecily Hunter, Evie Kalmar, Sunny Lai, Caterina Yuan, Marlene Bedrich, Chienying Liu, Christie Manansala, Aaron Neinstein, Katrina Pon

· “Choosing Wisely” Special Theme Award: “Choosing Wisely: Reducing Overutilization of Liver Ultrasounds in Non-Cirrhotic Patients with Hepatitis C” Monica Soni, Grace Chang, Nancy Omahen

Congratulations to all of the participating teams for a remarkable showing at the symposium. We look forward to announcing the 2013-14 Quality & Safety Innovation Challenge that will launch once again this fall. Never too early to start planning your initiatives for next year’s competition.

Updates to the DOM Quality & Safety Website
In our “Featured Faculty & Trainees” page, we interview Will Huen, Associate Chief Medical Officer at SFGH and from the Division of Hospital Medicine, and Emily Gottenborg, our third Chief Resident for Quality & Safety. We also updated our resources with additional "journal listings" for your quality and safety scholarship.

Mentoring and/or Providing Project Opportunities for Trainees
We’re continuing to build the “Quality Improvement & Patient Safety” "project database" that our trainees can access when seeking a faculty mentor for a given project (similar to existing resources for clinical research and educational projects). We know that many of you already provide this role and are likely on multiple such lists already. Please email us if you’d like to be included on this website as well.

Finally, we welcome your suggestions to improve the website, particularly if we can highlight a program or initiative that we’ve failed to capture from any of the campuses. Please email us with any suggestions.

With gratitude,

Naama Neeman, MSc
Administrative Director for Quality & Safety Programs

Niraj Sehgal, MD, MPH
Associate Chair for Quality & Safety

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