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  UCSF team shines at Reynolds Foundation 2013 Annual Geriatrics Education Grantee Meeting
Nov 01, 2013 The Division was represented by the largest group of faculty of any school in attendance thanks to generous support from the Foundation , our Reynolds grant, the Program for the Aging Century , and the Geriatrics Division. Louise Aronson gave two innovative plenary talks, “ Adventures in Self-Promotion: Advancing Your Career without Sacrificing Your Soul ”, and “ Messaging Geriatrics: New Tools and How to Use Them ”. Louise Walter shared her career wisdom in a “Meet the Professors” session. Anna Chang , Kathryn Eubank, and Eric Widera led faculty development workshops, and Catherine Lucey , UCSF Vice Dean for Education, gave the keynote address titled “ Follow the Leader: What Medical Education Needs to Learn from the Practice of Geriatrics”. Our successes culminated at the end of the conference with the awarding of Product of the Year to Eric Widera and the team that developed the ePrognosis Cancer Screening App.

  Geriatrics TeamAging Wins UCSF2025!
Nov 04, 2013 TeamAging was the highest place team finisher in UCSF2025, an online game designed to generate ideas about the future of UCSF. The game, conducted over 36 hours in September, 2013, involved thousands of participants generating new ideas and playing off one another’s ideas. Each new idea was played with a card, a short twitter length idea that others could build on or challenge. UCSF2025 is the first major step in UCSF’s strategic long range plan to map out the challenges and vision for UCSF over the next decade and a half. Numerous players from across UCSF and beyond built up TeamAging’s score by advancing the dialogue about the critical importance of aging for the future of UCSF. TeamAging core players were Cary Sweeney, Alex Smith, Louise Aronson, and Eric Widera. Individually, Cary Sweeney and Alex Smith were the top place staff and faculty players from UCSF, respectively. As a result of TeamAgings top place finish, all four players were asked to participate in focus groups to map out the strategic plan for the future of UCSF.

  Team Aging mentioned in UCSF2025 article!
Nov 08, 2013 UCSF2025 Game Winners Make Their Voices Hear

  International Committee of the Red Cross – Geriatrics and Palliative Care trainings
Nov 19, 2013 The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) invited Dr. Brie Williams to deliver two training sessions to physicians and nurses who work on behalf of the Red Cross with detention centers in areas of conflict around the world to improve the healthcare of prisoners. The trainings were focused on geriatrics and palliative care in prison and were delivered at the International ICRC "Healthcare in Detention Workshop" in Geneva, Switzerland.

  Transdiciplinary Workshop Series - "Older Jail Inmates: Strategies for Care"
Nov 19, 2013 Brie Williams and Louise Aronson partnered with Dr. Joe Goldenson, Medical Director of the SF County Jail, to develop and implement a four-part transdiciplinary geriatrics training workshop series for San Francisco Jail Health Services entitled “Older Jail Inmates: Strategies for Care." The first session, "Approach to the Older Adult” included small group workshops facilitated by Joan Abrams, Cyrus Ahalt, Marielle Bolano, Anna Chodos, Meredith Greene, and Dandan Liu.
This program is generously sponsored by the Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation, the Northern California Geriatric Education Center, the UCSF Program for the Aging Century, and the Hartford Foundation.

  Interprofessional Faculty Development Program participant shares her experience!
Nov 19, 2013 Interprofessional Faculty Development course participant, Dr. Tamara McClintock Greenberg, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCSF Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute recently shared her experience from the first day of the program, on the Psychology Today blog, The Interprofessional Faculty Development program is an effort of the Northern California Geriatric Education Center (NorCal GEC), led by Dr. Louise Aronson in the Geriatrics Division and Dr. Lynda Mackin, in the Department of Physiological Nursing. The Bureau of Health Professions, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funded 160-hour program offers a dynamic, interactive curriculum taught by over 60 faculty experts that includes clinical content, education skills, and strategies for leading change. This year the course is made up of 20 faculty from both UCSF and other bay area Universities and Colleges, with 7 disciplines, including Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Psychology, Physical Therapy, and Social Work. More information:

  The New York Times quotes one of our own!
Nov 25, 2013 Dr. Alex Smith was quoted in this New York Times New Old Age this New York Times New Old Age story about “do-not-hospitalize” orders for nursing home residents. Judith Graham, the New York Times reporter for this story, first decided to write this article after reading this GeriPal post on the same topic.

  Helen Kao gave Geriatrics Grand Rounds
Nov 26, 2013 Two weeks ago at Weill Cornell School of Medicine, Dr. Helen Kao gave Geriatrics Grand Rounds. The focus of her talk was Hospital Readmissions—approaching them as the newest geriatric syndrome.

  Drs. Brie Williams and Rebecca Sudore featured in Pew Report
Nov 26, 2013 Dr. Brie Williams and Dr. Rebecca Sudore’s research on developing a framework for early “compassionate release” for prisoners with serious or life-threatening illness that is based on geriatric and palliative medical science was featured in a recent Pew State Policy and Performance Report funded by the MacArthur Foundation: “Managing Prison Health Care Spending” . An in-depth review of Drs. Williams and Sudore’s framework and specific recommendations for medical and geriatric policy reform are discussed on page 25.

  Call for Data to Improve Geriatric Health Care in Corrections
Nov 26, 2013 Cyrus Ahalt and Dr. Brie Williams published an article in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society outlining what health, cost, and outcomes data are needed to address the aging crisis in U.S. corrections. “Paying the price: The pressing need for quality, cost, and outcomes data to improve correctional healthcare for older prisoners” describes how investing in data on older inmates is critical to improving the quality and value of correctional healthcare for older adults with complex chronic illness and is necessary information for policymakers to identify important opportunities for policy change and cost reduction. Their article is accompanied by a supporting editorial, “It’s Time For A Talk About Measuring Cost and Corrections” which further elaborates the crucial demand for collaboration amongst government and research bodies to fill these gaps in data.

  Linda Park and David Schopfer both won the Young Investigator Award
Nov 27, 2013 At the AACVPR (American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation) annual meeting in October, Linda Park and David Schopfer both won the Young Investigator Award! The American Heart Association Martha N. Hill New Investigator Award is given by the AHA Council on Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing. The award recognizes the outstanding contributions of new investigators in understanding, preventing, and treating cardiovascular disease and stroke. The title of the oral presentation Linda Park gave at the AHA Scientific Sessions 2013 was, “A Text Messaging Intervention to Promote Medication Adherence for Patients with Coronary Heart Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial.” The title of the oral presentation David Schopfer gave was "Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs Among Veterans". David conducted the work under the mentorship of Dr. Mary Whooley and will be using their results to support his application for a Career Development Award.

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