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  Dr. Lee and Dr. Walter published an article in JAMA
Dec 11, 2013 The article entitled “Incorporating Lag Time to Benefit into Prevention Decisions for Older Adults” was published in JAMA as a Viewpoint article with Dr. Rosanne Leipzig from Mount Sinai. Drs Lee , Leipzig and Walter argue that common treatments such as blood pressure or cholesterol are actually prevention since patients do not have symptoms and we are prescribing medicines to prevent future problems like heart attack and stroke. Further, they argue that since prevention exposes patients to immediate risks to prevent problems in the future, they should be targeted toward older adults who are healthier. They suggest that the Lag Time to Benefit should be considered for all prevention decisions in older adults.

  Dr. Christine Ritchie has been appointed Section Editor for a new section in the JAGS
Dec 11, 2013 The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (JAGS) has appointed Dr. Ritchie as Section Editor for a new section called, "Palliative Care and Geriatrics." This new section was initiated due to the the relatively large number of papers received by JAGS focused on palliative care and end-of-life issues, as well as Palliative Care becoming a nationally important specialty of care.

  Dr. Brie Williams, Dr. Louise Aronson, and Cyrus Ahalt published in The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Dec 16, 2013 Dr. Brie Williams , Dr. Louise Aronson , and Cyrus Ahalt published a chapter titled “Aging Correctional Populations” in the recently published The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, a ten volume comprehensive reference tool for professionals in the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice. This encyclopedia is the first of its kind and has over 600 entries contributed by the field’s leading researchers from around the world to provide complete coverage of the current state of correctional research with an international perspective.

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