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  Anna Chodos on KQED
Jul 03, 2014 Anna Chodos was interviewed by KQED about dementia in the community and KQED will be airing a short piece about it 6/24/14 on “Vital Signs”:

  Cary Sweeney Chosen to Direct the UC Berkeley Retirement Center
Jul 03, 2014 We are thrilled and sad to announce that Cary Sweeney will be leaving UCSF in mid-July to take an incredible job at UC Berkeley as the Director of the UCB Retirement Center. In her position, Cary will oversee UCBRC’s educational programs and services that keep university’s retirees connected to the university and help pre-retirees plan for retirement. As most of you know, Cary has been the anchor of the Geriatric Division’s NorCal GEC team and a connecting link to the School of Nursing through her work with the Hartford Center in the School of Nursing. Cary’s great coordination and planning skills have ensured the smooth operation of our many programs at UCSF, across the Bay Area and beyond, keeping us on the cutting edge of educational technologies and sharing her passion for older adults through her excellent work. We will miss her!

  Dr. Williams on NPR marketplace - Aging Prisoners and Rising Costs
Jul 17, 2014 Brie Williams, MD, MS, was interviewed on NPR's Marketplace in a story about state spending on prison healthcare. A report released on July 9, 2014 by the Pew Charitable Trusts shows that aging prisoners are the major driver of high prison healthcare costs; states with a higher proportion of older inmates incur higher per-inmate health care spending. Dr. Williams served as an external reviewer for the Pew Center's report which can be accessed here:

  UCSF Geriatrics in AGS News Bulletin
Jul 17, 2014 The Division was featured in the online news bulletin of the American Geriatrics Society for the article on the Division’s clinical programs published in last month’s UCSF Magazine. It read: The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) published an extensive online article about the various programs and services provided by the school's division of geriatrics with an emphasis on their Housecalls Program. The program serves more than 160 homebound San Francisco-based seniors. For many of the patients, the Housecalls visits are their only lifeline to the health care system besides the emergency room. The program also connects patients with local community services." Many AGS members are quoted throughout the article, including: Ken Covinsky, MD, Sei Lee, MD, Louise Walter, MD, Michael Steinman, MD, and Margaret Wallhagen, RN, PhD, AGSF, who directs the UCSF John A. Hartford Foundation Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence. Read More

  Dr. Aronson writes in the New York Times
Jul 22, 2014 Louise Aronson, M.D., writing in the New York Times Sunday Review offers a glimpse in to the not-so-distant future where robot caregivers provide lonely, frail older adults with companionship as well as help with everyday tasks and health monitoring.

  Dr. Schwartz speaks at the Medical Friends of Rossmoor
Jul 22, 2014 Janice B. Schwartz, M.D. spoke on 7/14/2014 at the Medical Friends of Rossmoor on Vitamin D and its effects on atherosclerosis. Rossmorr is a community of healthy elderly of about 8000 in Walnut Creek, CA that is an amazing retirement community that has served as a source of research subjects for her studies and other UCSF faculty interested in problems with aging.

  Medical Xpress: "Caring for the Burgeoning Population of Older Adults"
Jul 22, 2014 The National Center for Medical Legal Partnership highlighted the UCSF article on caring for the growing population of older adults. Article features the work of the University of California San Francisco's Medical-Legal Partnership for Seniors, and how legal care can impact the health and health care of seniors. Read the full article

  American Journal of Public Health publishes an article by multiple people in our division!
Jul 22, 2014 Anna Chodos, MD, MPH; Brie Williams, MD, MS; Cyrus Ahalt, MPP; and Irena Stijacic Cenzer, MA published an article “Older jail inmates and community acute care use” in the American Journal of Public Health, released in the First Look section on July 17. They found that over half of older jail inmates reported using community acute care services (ED or hospitalization) in the 3 months prior to their incarceration in jail. Nearly half planned to use the ED as their primary source of health care after release from jail, although those who had a primary care provider were significantly less likely to plan to use post-release community acute care services.

  UCSF Division of Geriatrics Featured in UCSF Magazine
Jul 29, 2014 An article called "Homeward Bound" features the UCSF Division of Geriatrics' Care at Home Program. Read more

  MSTAR Students Presenting at UCLA this weekend!
Jul 30, 2014 Our MSTAR students are presenting at the UCLA conference going on July 30th to August 1st. Check out their topics for the conference below!

Sara Phillips, MS2, RUSH
"The Impact of Slow-Paced Respiration on Menopausal Vasomotor Symptoms"
UCSF Mentor: Alison Huang, MD

Kaveh Hemati, MS2, Stony Brook University
"Shelter Status and Geriatric Conditions in Older Homeless Adults"
UCSF Mentors: Margot Kushel, MD and Rebecca Brown, MD

Eric Lau, MS2, University of Hawaii
"Parkinsonism in HIV over 60"
UCSF Mentor: Victor Valcour, MD PhD

Theora Cimino, MS2, UCSF
"Predictors of Functional Decline in Older Homeless Adults"
UCSF Mentor: Rebecca Brown, MD

Alain Takane, MS2, University of Hawaii
"Effect of Geriatric e-Consult on Provider Behavior Change to Improve Care of Older Adults in Safety Net Population"
UCSF Mentor: Christine Ritchi, MD

  Dr. Aronson published again in SF Chronicle!
Jul 31, 2014 Louise Aronson, M.D., published an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle on why the region should harness its exceptional resources to lead the nation in health care for older adults.

  PREPARE featured in Annals of Internal Medicine article
Jul 31, 2014 The PREPARE advance care planning website (, designed by Rebecca Sudore, MD, was featured in a recent AHRQ funded Annals of Internal Medicine article on decisions aids for advance care planning (link). PREPARE was noted favorably for providing education, creating a structured approach, and enabling decision communication. As the authors note "... PREPARE, [is] an interactive online resource that helps patients deliberate and communicate their decisions while providing considerable information and video examples for each decision."

  10 New Fellows Joined the Division of Geriatrics July 1, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 Please welcome our new fellows to the division!

Clinical Fellows:
Claire Larson
Daphne Lo
Stephanie Rogers
Allen Tong

T32 fellows:
Maria Ventura

Roya Fathi
Rafael Romo
Elizabeth Wahl
Joe Grasso

Dental Fellow:
Amruta Hendre

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