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  The Art of Aging Gracefully
Apr 02, 2015 Check out "The Art of Aging Gracefully" event at the Jewish Community Center San Francisco on Thursday, April 30th from 9:30am-2pm. "The Art of Aging Gracefully" was a 2014 winner of the JCC Association's biennial Zahav Award for "truly outstanding, visionary initiatives." Louise Walter, M.D. and Carla Perissinotto, M.D. will both be speaking at the event! Find out more about the event here.

  Dr. Rogers published in JAMA IM in The Teachable Moments Series
Apr 02, 2015 Stephanie Rogers, M.D. published an article in JAMA IM in The Teachable Moments Series. The article is a case study entitled: The Importance of Cognitive Assessment Before Ventricular Device Placement: A Teachable Moment. Carla Perissinotto, M.D. was the senior author on the paper.

  Dr. Rogers published in JGIM and interviewed for Newsday
Apr 02, 2015 Geriatrics fellow Stephanie Rogers, M.D., published a manuscript in the Journal of General Internal Medicine on experiences of discrimination in healthcare settings among older adults. She found that age was the most common form of discrimination, and frequent discrimination led to disability over 4 years. Alex Smith, M.D. was the senior author on the paper.

Stephanie Rogers was later interviewed for Newsday about discrimination against older adults in healthcare. See interview here.

  Dr. Newman selected for AGS New Investigator Award!
Apr 08, 2015 John Newman, MD, PhD was selected for an American Geriatrics Society New Investigator Award , to be presented at the AGS Annual Meeting in National Harbor this May. John will give a short talk at the meeting about his work on the effects of ketone bodies on epileptiform spikes in an Alzheimer’s mouse model. Special thanks to John’s mentorship team of Eric Verdin, Mike Steinman, M.D., Ken Covinsky, M.D. and Louise Walter, M.D.; and to his research collaborator Jorge Palop!

  Dr. Chang featured on NPR!
Apr 13, 2015 Anna Chang, M.D. is a leader in the UCSF Bridges Curriculum which was featured on NPR April 9, 2015. The UCSF Bridges curriculum was featured in a vignette at the end with Joe Derisi teaching a class and Onur Yenigan being a student. Read more here.

  Dr. Aronson published an article in the Washington Post
Apr 13, 2015 Louise Aronson, MD MFA, published an article in the Washington Post showing how geriatric care differs from usual care and benefits older adults, and making a case for universal geriatrics education. The piece tells the story of an octogenarian patient at UCSF who now receives care in the Division’s Housecalls practice.

  Dr. Roger interviews for Health Leaders in Media
Apr 27, 2015 Check out Stephanie Roger's, M.D. interview for Health Leaders in Media about ageism and other forms of discrimination in health care settings and the need for Geriatricians here.

  Dr. Romo will receive 2015 Distinguished Dissertation Award in Nursing
Apr 27, 2015 Rafael Romo Ph.D. has been selected to receive the 2015 Distinguished Dissertation Award in Nursing from UCSF’s School of Nursing at its 2015 Commencement Ceremony on May 29th. His work, Decision Making Among Older Adults with a Limited Prognosis, was selected among the dissertations completed in the 2014-2015 academic year for its scholarliness, innovation, and contribution to the field of nursing.

  Dr. Chodos joining PCLA Leadership Team
Apr 30, 2015 Anna Chodos, MD, MPH, , will join the Primary Care Leadership Academy's (PCLA) Leadership Team, which is an interdisciplinary advisory team and led by Drs. Beth Wilson and Sharad Jain. The mission of the PCLA is to build and nurture a collaboration of students, residents, and faculty working together to engage in primary care transformation, enhance community health outreach, optimize primary care education, mentor primary care career choice, and promote primary care advocacy.

  Drs Lee and Chodos publish an article in BMC Medical Ethics
Apr 30, 2015 Anna Chodos, MD, MPH, and Sei Lee, MD, MS, published an article "Journalists, district attorneys and researchers: why IRBs should get in the middle" in BMC Medical Ethics on March 2015, about the challenges health services researchers face in protecting the privacy of non-human subjects, such as clinics and hospitals.

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