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  Dr. Maria I. Ventura Receives Pilot Study Grant from CADC
Jun 01, 2016 Maria I. Ventura, Ph.D. received a pilot study grant from the UCSF Center for Aging in Diverse Communities (CADC) Scholars Program effective July 1st, 2016 through June 30th, 2017. Dr. Ventura will be conducting a pilot qualitative study investigating health disparities in access to dance therapy for diverse older adults diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

  SFVAMC Community Living Center Launches Music and Memory Program
Jun 03, 2016 The Social Work staff at the VA Community Living Center has just launched their Music and Memory Program with the delivery of their first iPOD shuffle (and headphones) loaded with favorite songs to a resident of the facility. Emily Taplin gave the first veteran his music and “He smiled and started singing along right away when we put the headphones on him this afternoon.”

  Ken Covinsky Featured on UC TV This Month
Jun 08, 2016 Ken Covinsky, MD 's talk on high-value care, geriatrics and avoiding over-testing was featured on the UCSF YouTube channel. His talk can be viewed here.

  Dr. Melisa Wong Awarded an ASCO Merit Award
Jun 10, 2016 Melisa Wong, MD was awarded a Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Merit Award for her work on the impact of age and comorbidity on treatment of non-small cell lung cancer recurrence. Merit Awards recognize oncology trainees for high quality abstracts presented at the ASCO Annual Meeting earlier this month. Dr. Wong collaborated on this study with researchers from the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology and mentor Dr. Louise Walter, MD .

  Christine Ritchie's Data Registry Approved by CMS
Jun 16, 2016 To avoid Medicare penalties in 2018, practices may utilize approved qualified registries and clinical data registries to submit quality measures for the Physician Quality Reporting System. We congratulate Dr. Christine Ritchie and Dr. Bruce Leff for the development and approval of the National Home Based Primary Care & Palliative Care Registry. This registry is one of the registries approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

  The Parnassus Acute Care for Elders (ACE) Unit Starts "ACE-ercise"
Jun 17, 2016 The Parnassus ACE Unit started "ACE-ercise" this week! These are 45-minute group PT and OT sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Their first participants were grinning from ear to ear as they moved to 50's and 60's music!

  Theresa Allison Awarded Teacher of the Year by Geriatrics Fellows
Jun 17, 2016 It is an annual tradition for the UCSF Clinical Geriatrics Fellows to select a faculty member who has been the most outstanding teacher during their fellowship. Last night, Dr. Theresa Allison was selected as the 2017 Teacher of the Year by the current UCSF Clinical Geriatrics Fellows. Fellows praised Dr. Allison's advocacy and dedication to helping them with career advice and support.

  Drs. Perissinotto and Tang Win Institute for Incentives in Health Care Awards
Jun 17, 2016 This award, made possible by a gift from Dr. Knight Steele, recognizes "an exceptional contribution either by 'making things work' for a patient, or by scholarship to change the system by recognizing the incentives that make it work or those that make it fail." This year there are two awardees: Dr. Victoria Tang received the award for her outstanding work in developing the UCSF Surgery Wellness Clinic (or Prehab Clinic) to make things work for older adults who are undergoing elective surgery. Dr. Carla Perissinotto received the award for her outstanding work going the extra mile for patients at Over60 Clinic and in Housecalls and for her scholarly work to reduce loneliness in older people.

  Jane Jih Wins AGS Presidential Poster Award in Health & Health Disparities Category
Jun 21, 2016 Jane Jih, MD, MPH and co-authors Irena Stijacic-Cenzer, John Boscardin, PhD and Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH, FACP, FAAHPM presented an abstract entitled “Having Multiple Chronic Conditions is Associated with Increased Risk of Food Insecurity in Older Adults” during the 2016 AGS Presidential Poster Session. They used the 2013 Health and Retirement Study (HRS) Health Care and Nutrition Survey linked to the 2012 HRS to examine the relationship between MCC and food insecurity which is defined as uncertain or limited access to nutritionally adequate and safe foods. Among low-income older adults in HRS, having MCC confers an increased risk for food insecurity. Food insecurity is most prevalent among older adults with 5+ chronic conditions and screening for food insecurity may be warranted in the primary care of older adults with MCC, particularly patients with a high chronic disease burden.

  Krista Harrison Selected as AAHPM Research Scholar
Jun 21, 2016 Congratulations to Krista Lyn Harrison, PhD for being selected as an American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) Research Scholar! The AAHPM Research Scholars Program's goal is to advance the scientific endeavors of new/early investigators whose goal is to become independent scientists actively involved in palliative care research. Dr. Harrison has deferred her acceptance to 2017.

  Krista Harrison e-Published a Commentary in the American Journal of Public Health
Jun 21, 2016 Krista Lyn Harrison, PhD's commentary on the first Medicare demonstration of concurrent curative and hospice services (the Medicare Care Choices Model) has been e-published in the American Journal of Public Health. The publication can be accessed here.

  Christine Ritchie Featured in Jewish News Weekly of Northern California
Jun 23, 2016 Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH, FACP, FAAHPM was featured in the June 16th issue of the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California. In the article entitled, "Dignity, respect at core of new approaches to Alzheimer’s care", Dr. Ritchie discussed new and innovative approaches towards improving the care of seniors with memory problems.

  Helen Kao Honored for Her Service to the UCSF Division of Geriatrics
Jun 24, 2016 On June 16th, at the annual Division Dinner and graduation, Helen Kao, MD was honored for her service to the UCSF Division of Geriatrics. Dr. Kao has been at UCSF since 1997, and joined the Division in 2007. She was given a stand-up ovation by her colleagues for recognition of her dedication and advocacy for Geriatrics education, clinical care, and advocacy. She will be missed!

Some of the comments made by her colleagues include:

“Helen is a dedicated and compassionate teacher, clinician and leader. Her kindness, patience and devotion to her patients and students are unparalleled”

“It's hard to say how much she will be missed because she is literally the mold for a geriatrician- she will always inform the way I aspire to practice in small and large ways”

“One of my many favorite memories of Helen is when she became director of the Housecalls program and told all of us “I want to create a place where you LOVE going to work!” That meant so much to me and inspired me to follow her leadership from that moment forward.”

  Melisa Wong Publish an Article in the Journal of Geriatric Oncology
Jun 27, 2016 Melisa Wong, MD published an article identifying research gaps in understanding cognition in older patients with cancer in the Journal of Geriatric Oncology. This collaboration with notable geriatric oncology and cognition experts including Arti Hurria, William Dale, and Sharon Inouye stemmed from her participation as a young investigator in a 2015 NIA funded U13 conference on geriatric oncology.

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