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  Dr. Pei Chen Leads Continuing Education Session for a Major Partner of the Optimize Aging Collaborative at UCSF
Aug 02, 2016 Pei Chen, MD worked with the San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services, a major partner of the Optimize Aging Collaborative at UCSF, to present a 3-hour continuing education session on Mental Health in Older Adults: Depression, Loneliness, Substance Abuse, and Suicide on July 22. Anna Chodos, MD, MPH and Sonya Maeck, LCSW, Clinical Administrator and Program Director of the Jewish Home, also presented at this very well-attended event for 75 community service providers. The event received overwhelmingly positive feedback, noting that the case, assessment tools and group activities were especially helpful and relevant.

  Dr. Anna Chang Featured in Story about the Launch of New UCSF Bridges Curriculum
Aug 02, 2016 Anna Chang, MD has been involved in developing the new Bridges Curriculum since its inception and today we celebrate the launch of this new curriculum. UCSF knows that we must train future doctors to continuously ask questions and find ways to answer them through collaboration with different types of health care professionals and scientists. As in Geriatrics, all health care professions must be able to integrate as a functional unit in the clinical setting. Click here to read more.

  Dr. Louise Aronson Selected for the 2016 San Francisco Awards for Physicians
Aug 04, 2016 Louise Aronson, MD, MFA has been selected this year by the San Francisco Award Program, which honors the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses and leaders throughout the San Francisco area. Recognition is given to local companies and leaders that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community.

  Our Very Own Drs. Covinsky and Pierluissi Quoted on NPR Health Shots Program
Aug 09, 2016 Ken Covinsky, MD, MPH and Edgar Pierluissi, MD are featured in an NPR news story, Hospital Units Tailored To Older Patients Can Help Prevent Decline, that aired August 9, 2016. The piece highlights the risks that older adults face when they are hospitalized. Dr. Covinsky’s research establishes the centrality of functioning in the care of an older adult. Dr. Pierluissi established the first ACE unit in the state at the ZSFG.

  Dr. Brie Williams Interviewed in San Francisco Chronicle
Aug 12, 2016 Brie Williams, MD, MS was interviewed for the San Francisco Chronicle article “SF Police handling of Alzheimer’s patient debated” about the quarterly 2-hour police training program in aging-related health that she co-directs with Rebecca Brown, MD. The article detailed the recent police response to a situation involving an older woman with dementia-related behaviors and the ensuing criticism by her son and Assisted Living staff. Dr. Williams described the unique difficulty that police officers face as non-healthcare professionals when responding to situations involving dementia-related emergencies. In addition to calling for an expanded geriatrics training for police, she called for the creation of a "community aging rapid response team" that would provide an added layer of support to police when responding to emergency situations involving older adults with dementia. The police training is funded by Tideswell at UCSF and is part of San Francisco’s Crisis Intervention Training for police officers.

  Dr. Christine Ritchie Publishes in Health Affairs: Too Few Doctors Make House Calls to Elderly
Aug 19, 2016 Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH, FACP, FAAHPM is an author on a recently published article in Health Affairs which found that the U.S. faces a critical shortage of doctors and other healthcare practitioners willing to make house calls to as many as 4 million frail, homebound Americans. To read more click here.

  Dr. Eric Widera Publishes in JAMA IM on Laxative Prescribing
Aug 19, 2016 Eric Widera, MD is senior-author on a commentary published in JAMA Internal Medicine with co-author Kanako McKee: Habitual Prescribing of Laxatives – It’s Time to Flush Outdated Protocols Down the Drain. There is evidence demonstrating that docusate is ineffective for the treatment of constipation. It is time to stop a habitual practice that is wasteful and harmful to patients. A fundamental responsibility of a health care provider prescribing any treatment to a patient is to consider efficacy and/or benefit, adverse effects, and on some level, cost. This means stopping ourselves from prescribing medications on autopilot mode, and looking beyond the prescription to imagine what life is like for the patient who is going to be under “doctor’s orders” to take the medication. Read entire commentary here.

  Dr. Eric Widera Publishes in JAMA IM on Partial Codes
Aug 22, 2016 Eric Widera, MD is senior-author on a commentary published in JAMA Internal Medicine with co-author Josué A. Zapata: Partial Codes—A Symptom of a Larger Problem. The article describes the use of “Partial codes” and how they represent a lack of shared decision-making that is too frequently seen in discussions with patients with severe illness. They urge physicians to view any request for a course of treatment that, at first glance, seems to defy reason as an opportunity to come to a full stop and seek to understand the patient’s underlying goals and how they believe such a decision will help them achieve those aims.

  Dr. Brie Williams Interviewed by Newsweek: "Doing Double Time: Chronic Diseases A Chronic Problem in Prisons"
Aug 22, 2016 Brie Williams, MD, MS was recently interviewed for a Newsweek article titled “Doing Double Time: Chronic Diseases A Chronic Problem in Prisons,” which discusses the growing numbers of people with chronic health conditions in correctional facilities across the U.S. Dr. Williams explained that early-onset of aging-related health conditions is common in prison and adds to correctional health care costs. The article highlighted Dr. Williams’ recently awarded grant to study how solitary confinement impacts the physical health of prisoners.

  Drs. Brie Williams and Brook Calton Are Recipients of the Cambia Foundation Sojourn Scholar Award
Aug 22, 2016 Brie Williams, MD, MS and Brook Calton, MD, MHS are two of three UCSF faculty to receive the Sojourn Scholar Award from the Cambia Health Foundation.

Dr. Williams' project “Leveraging Compassionate Release Reform to Advance Palliative Care for Seriously Ill Prisoners” will infuse 3 correctional healthcare systems with the palliative care knowledge needed to optimize care for seriously ill prisoners and to ensure appropriate and effective use of each state’s compassionate release policy for seriously ill prisoners.

Dr. Calton’s project “Palliative Care Everywhere: Promoting the Growth and Impact of Home-Based Palliative Care” takes a multi-faceted approach to support the growth and impact of home-based palliative care through three interconnected, cutting-edge demonstration projects. These projects focus on expansion of a novel payer-provider partnership to provide home-based palliative care, integration of telemedicine technology into home-based palliative care services, and equipping home-based providers with primary palliative care skills.

  Courtney Gordon and Helen Horvath Publish in "Guidelines for Advanced Practice Nursing: An Interprofessional Approach, Third Edition" Textbook
Aug 26, 2016 Courtney Gordon, DNP, GNP-BC, MSN, authored a chapter entitled "Geriatric Syndromes" in a recently published textbook: "Guidelines for Advanced Practice Nursing: An Interprofessional Approach, Third Edition". Geriatric syndromes are complex conditions seen in older adults that cannot be classified into a single disease but have a significant impact on well-being and quality of life. The geriatric syndromes discussed in this chapter include frailty, sensory impairment, falls, urinary incontinence, and delirium. Many of these conditions are commonly seen when providing primary care for older adults. They are multifactorial in etiology, requiring a multidisciplinary approach to management and treatment.

Helen Horvath, RN, MS, ANP also co-authored a chapter entitled "Adult Health Maintenance and Promotion" in the same textbook. She includes content on individualizing screening decisions in the geriatric population and lag time to benefit for preventative health interventions. Helen also elicits the expertise of Sei Lee, MD, MAS and Louise Walter, MD and includes their work in her publication.

  Dr. John Newman Delivers Grand Rounds at the SFVAMC
Aug 30, 2016 John Newman, MD, PhD spoke at Medicine Grand Rounds at the San Francisco VA Medical Center on August 16th. Dr. Newman’s talk, “Updates in Translational Geroscience” gave a summary of recent progress among geriatricians and basic scientists collaborating to move advances from the biology of aging into clinical therapies to improve the health of older adults. He also gave an introduction to his work with Eric Verdin on ketone bodies as a mechanism of some of the health benefits of fasting.

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