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  UCSF Division of Geriatrics Social Committee
Dec 01, 2016 Brie Williams, MD, MS , Daphne Lo, MD , Michi Yukawa, MD, MPH and Alex Smith, MD, MPH together with Ms. Sarah Ngo have been selected for the UCSF Division of Geriatrics Social Committee. The initial focus of this committee is planning social events in 2017 to commemorate the Division's 20th Anniversary. The UCSF Division of Geriatrics Division, in its current form, began in 1997 with two faculty at the San Francisco VA and we have grown now to 39 faculty across all UCSF campuses.

  Krista Harrison Publishes Article in the Journal of Health Organization and Management
Dec 06, 2016 Krista Lyn Harrison, PhD published an article in the Journal of Health Organization and Management describing and comparing resource allocation and policy decisions that affect access to care for the uninsured in community healthcare organizations.

  Brie Williams Publishes An Editorial in the American Journal of Public Health About Older Adults and the Physical Health Effects of Solitary Confinement
Dec 08, 2016 Brie Williams, MD, MS published an editorial "Older Prisoners and the Physical Health Effects of Solitary Confinement" in the American Journal of Public Health in December 2016. Dr. Williams discusses the impact of solitary confinement on older adults' health and urges leaders in solitary confinement reform to consider the impact of this policy on older adults. Her commentary draws from national and international reports about the adverse effects of solitary confinement, as well as her personal experience as an Expert Medical Witness in the Angola 3 lawsuit for Mr. Albert Woodfox, who was confined to solitary confinement for more than 40 years.

  Brie Williams Gives Key Note Address for International Committee of the Red Cross' "Aging in Prison" Seminar in Paris, France
Dec 08, 2016 Brie Williams, MD, MS gave a key note address about the health and healthcare of older adults in the criminal justice system for the International Committee of the Red Cross's "Aging in Prison" Seminar in Paris, France. Her lecture, "Public Health Issues arising from an Aging Population in and beyond Custody" focused on the "Aging Crisis" in the criminal justice system, common healthcare needs of older adult prisoners, challenges of aging in the correctional setting, and resources and tools from geriatrics and palliative care that can be adapted to address these challenges.

  Pei Chen Presents "Let's Talk About Grief" to the Cayuga Neighborhood Community Living Campaign
Dec 09, 2016 This week Pei Chen, MD presented “Let’s Talk About Grief,” an interactive lecture and discussion of sharing understanding and experiences of losing loved ones in older age to the Cayuga Neighborhood Community Living Campaign. Nearly 20 older adults were in attendance to learn how to manage grief, how to support others who may be grieving, and what community resources are available to them for support and social activity. Dr. Chen will be presenting to the same group on loneliness on December 21.

Additional photos from this week’s event are available on the Cayuga Community Connector’s Facebook page.

  Eric Widera Publishes a Paper in JAGS
Dec 09, 2016 Experts at the American Geriatrics Society (AGS), including UCSF’s Eric Widera, MD, published in JAGS new guidance on care and decision-making for a unique and growing group of older adults: the "unbefriended." Proposed clinical practice and public policy changes would support some of society's most vulnerable individuals while also helping protect more of us from becoming unbefriended as we age.

  Eric Widera Publishes Editorial in JAMA
Dec 09, 2016 Eric Widera, MD published an editorial in JAMA titled “The Promise of Palliative Care Translating Clinical Trials to Clinical Care” along with his colleague Preeti Malani from the University of Michigan. They argue that the integration of specialized palliative care teams into usual clinical care should be adopted as part of an updated standard of care.

  Michi Yukawa Has Become an American Geriatrics Society Fellow
Dec 12, 2016 Michi Yukawa, MD, MPH has been selected as an American Geriatrics Society (AGS) Fellow. AGS Fellow status is awarded to AGS members who have demonstrated a professional commitment to geriatrics, contributed to the progress of geriatrics care, and are active participants in the Society's activities. AGS Fellows join a specially recognized group of healthcare providers who are dedicated to geriatrics education, clinical care, and research, as well as to their own continuing professional development. Fellows have distinguished themselves among their colleagues, as well as in their communities and in the Society by their service. Their dedication and longstanding commitment to AGS is recognized by this mark of distinction. Dr. Yukawa will receive a fellowship certificate during the AGS 2017 Annual Meeting Member Business Meeting in San Antonio, TX.

  Michael Steinman Publishes Paper in JAMA
Dec 12, 2016 Michael Steinman, MD published a paper in JAMA Internal Medicine on the functional outcomes of beta blockers in older nursing home residents after acute myocardial infarction.

  Lynn Martin Will Present at The 2017 Anxiety & Depression Association of America’s Annual Conference
Dec 12, 2016 Lynn Martin, RN, MS, PMH-NP, PMH-CNS’s proposal entitled “On the Cutting Edge of Wellness – Behavioral Medicine and its Application to Anxiety and Depressive Disorders” has been accepted for presentation at the 2017 Anxiety & Depression Association of America’s Annual Conference on Sunday, April 9th, 2017 @10:30am – 12:00PM. Lynn is a clinical nurse specialist in Mental Health at the Community Living Center of San Francisco VA.

  Congratulations to the GPEC Clinician of the Year Awardees!
Dec 13, 2016 The Geriatrics, Palliative and Extended Care service at SFVAMC has created a new, annual award, The GPEC Clinician of the Year Award. This was our inaugural year. There were many submissions from all our clinical programs and sites around northern California. Anyone providing clinical care to patients in our service line was eligible to receive the award. The interdisciplinary review committee was comprised of clinical leaders from all represented disciplines. They chose the following awardees:

Erin Gray, OT in our Eureka Home-Based Primary Care Program
Kieu Proud, RN in our Purchased Skilled Care Program
Lynn Martin, Psych/Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Community Living Center

We are extremely proud of these three members of our staff. They have distinguished themselves among a very distinguished field of colleagues!

  Laura Byerly Awarded AAMC/WGEA Mini-Grant
Dec 13, 2016 Laura Byerly, MD received an AAMC/WGEA Mini-Grant to further her health professions education fellowship work on analyzing interprofessional education dynamics and patient care planning at the VA Community Living Center, where she works with Michi Yukawa, MD, MPH on an interprofessional elective for medical, pharmacy, and physical therapy students.

  Meera Sheffrin and Mike Steinman Publish Article in Alzheimer's Research & Therapy
Dec 14, 2016 Recent geriatrics and aging research fellow Meera Sheffrin, MD, MAS published an article with Michael Steinman, MD in Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy on people’s interest in a predictive test for Alzheimer’s, and how information about dementia risk would affect their advance care planning.

  Congratulations to Karen Yuan for Graduating from the UCSF Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program
Dec 14, 2016 We are proud to announce that Karen Yuan, Finance Manager in the Geriatrics Division was one of 20 graduates recognized on December 13th for her participation in the UCSF Office of Diversity and Outreach inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program. This professional development and training program is in alignment with the Chancellor’s priority on Equity and Inclusion. The curriculum focused on exploring foundational concepts essential to enhancing an inclusive work environment, through lecture, experiential activities, and independent learning activities. We look forward to Karen sharing her knowledge of diversity, equity and inclusion.

  Welcome Thomas Baker!
Dec 14, 2016 We are pleased to welcome Thomas (Tom) Baker, RN to the Division of Geriatrics. Tom will be our new Care at Home Nurse/Administrative Coordinator, a position that is new to our Care at Home department. Tom comes to Care at Home from UCSF Home Health where he served as an RN Case Manager for 10 years. He has extensive expertise caring for homebound patients with a full range of illnesses including lung, liver and kidney transplants, cancer, heart failure, DM, chronic and acute wounds. We are overjoyed to have him join the team!

  Courtney Gordon, DNP Promoted to Nurse Practitioner 3
Dec 14, 2016 Congratulations to Courtney Gordon, DNP! Courtney has been promoted to an Nurse Practitioner 3. The Nurse Practitioner 3 is a clinical expert who demonstrates excellence through advance clinical practice, education, leadership and service to the Medical Center.

  Meredith Greene, Ken Covinsky, and Amy Justice Publish Article for the Journal Virulence
Dec 14, 2016 Meredith Greene, MD , Ken Covinsky, MD, MPH , and Amy Justice, MD, PhD published a special review article for the journal Virulence titled “Assessment of Geriatric Syndromes and physical Function in people living with HIV". This review focuses on the assessment of falls, frailty, and physical function, first in the general population of older adults, and includes a specific focus on use of these assessments in older adults living with HIV.

  UCSF Division of Geriatrics Continues Exceptional Growth
Dec 15, 2016 The UCSF Division of Geriatrics will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2017. The Geriatrics Division, in its current form, started with 2 faculty at the VA in 1997 and has now grown to 39 faculty across the San Francisco VA Medical Center, UCSF Health, and Zuckerberg San Francisco General. We currently have 116 faculty, fellows and staff (attached picture represents ~60% of the Division).


  Ken Covinsky Quoted in UCSF Magazine
Dec 19, 2016 Ken Covinsky, MD, MPH is quoted in the Winter 2016 issue of UCSF Magazine saying "The older you are, the worse the hospital is for you." Ken spoke on NPR's "All Things Considered" and highlighted the fact that patients over age 65 tend to fare less well during hospital stays than younger patients. The hospital of the future = Home.

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