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  Daphne Lo Selected to join the Teaching Scholars Program
Jun 05, 2017 Daphne Lo, MD was selected to join the Teaching Scholars Program (TSP) and will begin her role as a TSP fellow in September 2017. TSP is an intensive seminar series aimed at developing educational leaders at UCSF. As a TSP fellow, Dr. Lo will both participate in and develop and evaluate curricula for TSP.

  Rebecca Sudore Awarded 2017 UCSF Learning Healthcare System Grant
Jun 05, 2017 Rebecca Sudore, MD was awarded a 2017 UCSF Learning Healthcare System grant for her “Honoring Patients’ Wishes: Harnessing the Electronic Health Record to Improve Advance Care Planning in Primary Care” project. Please see the CTSI press release here.

  Welcome Sarah Pierluissi!
Jun 07, 2017 Please welcome Sarah Pierluissi, Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator who will be working with Dr. Brie Williams and her team. Sarah previously worked with Dr. Sudore’s team on her PREPARE projects and we’re really excited to have her back for the summer. Sarah is currently enrolled at Boston University with an expected graduation date in 2018. She also volunteers at Youth on Fire, where she helps homeless youth find housing and provide mentorship. Sarah is also an intern at the William James Graduate School of Psychology, where she helps to analyze and evaluate psychological studies with data analyses in Excel, Qualtrics, and REDcap. Last but not least, Sarah is an established coach for the Pacific Rowing Camp. Her amazing talent helped her to win the Freshman of the Year Award in 2015! Sarah can be reached at and 415-502-3628. She’s based at Laurel Heights (Suite 282).

  STAR Spot Award Winners
Jun 13, 2017 Congratulations to Sarah Garrigues and Caroline Sou who each received a UCSF STAR Spot Award in recognition of their achievements and contributions! Sarah was recognized for her hard work and dedication in managing the Pepper Center pilot award process while at the same time preparing for and organizing the Palliative Care Research Co-Operative (PCRC) Intensives in Clinical Trials course that was held in Denver, CO. Sarah remained consistent in her ability to think ahead to ensure all possible solutions are thought out for any problems that may arise resulting in success of both projects. Caroline was recognized for her extra efforts in assisting the Tideswell Leadership Program with their conference prep work. She maintained her calmness and professionalism while going above and beyond to assist with this last minute request that needed a quick turnaround for this national training program held in San Antonio, TX.

  John Newman Spoke at Aging Society Meeting in Tokyo
Jun 15, 2017 John Newman, MD, PhD gave a plenary Special Lecture at the 17th Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society for Anti-Aging Medicine in Tokyo on June 2. The society is comprised primarily of clinician-researchers from a diversity of specialties who study how biological mechanisms of aging are related to common chronic diseases of the elderly. Dr. Newman spoke on molecular signaling activities of ketone bodies that may be relevant to aging, and strategies for translating therapies that target mechanisms of aging into early-stage clinical trials. Dr. Newman thanks his gracious hosts, including Dr. Kazuo Tsubota and Dr. Hidetsugu Saito.

  Drs. Christine Ritchie and Ken Covinsky's Research Cited in an Article in The Commonwealth Fund Website
Jun 16, 2017 Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH, FACP, FAAHPM and Ken Covinsky, MD, MPH’s research and publications on home-based primary care were cited in an article published on June 7th by The Commonwealth Fund to address the unmet needs in home-based primary care. View the full article here: The Commonwealth Fund/Publications.

  Louise Aronson Publishes in the New England Journal of Medicine
Jun 16, 2017 Louise Aronson, MD, MFA published an article this week in the New England Journal of Medicine. Her article, Tale of Two Doctors—Structural Inequalities and the Culture of Medicine, is a thought-provoking read contrasting her experience visiting her general internist and her orthopedist which has generalizable lessons about the culture of medicine in the US. Here's Louise's article.

  Welcome Furong Wang!
Jun 19, 2017 Please welcome our new Senior Statistician Furong Wang! Furong has an MD from Shenyang Medical College (China) and an MS in Biostatistics/Molecular Epidemiology from UCLA. She has over 15 years of experience in managing and analyzing data of cancer surveys, clinical trials for drug and medical devices and has comprehensive experience in publishing papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences, reporting to the FDA and generating statistical analyses plans (SAPs). She most recently worked at Acerta-Pharma in Redwood City as a Senior Statistician and she previously worked at UCSF, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics as a Senior Biostatistician. We are very excited for her return to UCSF, and to bring her on board to join our already-elite team of statisticians (Grisell, Bocheng, Ying, Kathy and Kanan). Furong will be working closely with many of our faculty PIs at Laurel Heights and at the VA. If you get a chance to meet her, please welcome her to the team!

  Former Fellow, Jackie Yuen, Working on Project to Improve End-of-Life Care in Hong Kong
Jun 19, 2017 Jackie Yuen, MD graduated from the UCSF Geriatrics Fellowship and is now in Hong Kong working on the Jockey Club End-of-Life Community Care Project (JCECC). This is a 3-year multi-institutional and cross-sectoral initiative aimed at improving the quality of end-of-life care in Hong Kong. Jackie is based at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Institute of Ageing, one of the partner institutions. She is focused on training healthcare providers in hospitals and elderly residential care homes communication skills in advance care planning and serious illness conversations as well as raising competence to provide end-of-life care. She is also involved in developing a new integrated cardiology-palliative care service model for patients with advanced heart failure. Please let Jackie know if you are traveling to Hong Kong as she would love to catch up with you.

  Francesca Nicosia, PhD Gives Invited Presentation at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System
Jun 21, 2017 Francesca Nicosia, PhD, gave an invited presentation at the Center for Innovation to Implementation (Ci2i) at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System on June 20, 2017. Her talk, "Meaningful Metrics: Developing a Standardized Approach to Measuring Functional Status of Older Veterans in Primary Care" presented findings from an ongoing study funded by the VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (PI: Rebecca Brown, MD, MPH). She presented current approaches and clinician perspectives on measuring function in the VA and solicited feedback on next steps in intervention design and implementation from a group of 30+ health services researchers.

  Liz Whitlock Publish Paper in JAMA Internal Medicine
Jun 21, 2017 Liz Whitlock, MD, MS (Anesthesia T32 Fellow mentored by Alex Smith) published a paper on chronic pain leading to increased rates of memory decline and dementia in JAMA Internal Medicine. The work had previously been awarded Best Clinical Abstract at the International Anesthesia Research Society annual meeting in May 2017, and its publication gained attention across social and traditional media. Liz was quoted in the New York Times, an AARP article, and NEJM Journal Watch, among other sources. Several UCSF Geriatrics members were on the paper, including Grisell Diaz-Ramirez, John Boscardin, Ken Covinsky, and Alex Smith.

  Geriatrics Division Summer Film Event- Company Town
Jun 21, 2017 The Division of Geriatrics will be showing the film, Company Town, and talking with the filmmakers on Wednesday, July 12th from 4 to 5:30pm at Parnassus HSW 300.

Deborah Kaufman and her husband, Alan Snitow, have produced a 56 minute film called Company Town about the increasing number of evictions in San Francisco, which often involve older people. Many of us were concerned by a recent Chronicle article on this subject so please come see the film and talk about this issue with the filmmakers who are interested in your experiences/stories. Journalists from the Examiner and Chronicle have also been invited to be part of the audience.

We will show the film starting at 4pm followed by 30 minutes of Q&A with the filmmakers.
Here is the website — where you can see a trailer, read reviews, etc.

  Rebecca Brown and Team Publish Paper in PLOS ONE
Jun 23, 2017 Rebecca Brown, MD, MPH, Ying Shi, Kathy Fung, John Boscardin, PhD, Gary Tarasovsky, and Michael Steinman, MD published a paper in PLOS ONE entitled "Bringing functional status into a big data world: Validation of national Veterans Affairs functional status data." The paper describes how VA functional status data had overall moderate agreement with a reference standard of research-collected data, with fair sensitivity but high specificity and positive predictive value.

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