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  Tideswell at UCSF launches its new video series “Conversations with Caregivers”
Aug 03, 2017 Tideswell at UCSF launched its new video series “Conversations with Caregivers” – practical advice from real family caregivers who care for persons with dementia. The videos were produced in partnership with the UCSF Memory and Aging Center. Click here to watch the videos.

  UCSF Named Center of Excellence in Home-Based Medical Care Through HCCI
Aug 03, 2017 UCSF was just named one of 8 Centers of Excellence in home-based medical care through Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI). This is an exciting step for our Care at Home team which has been in operation since 1999. You can read more about it here.

  Anna Oh Publish Paper in JAMA IM
Aug 04, 2017 Anna Oh, MPH, MSN, a predoctoral T32 research fellow, published a paper in JAMA Internal Medicine with collaborators from RAND Corporation, entitled "Association between Sponsorship and Findings of Medical Home Evaluations" published online July 31, 2017. This paper highlights the importance of independent evaluations for care delivery models, such as the patient-centered medical home.

  Victoria Tang Awarded NIA R03 Grant
Aug 08, 2017 Victoria Tang, MD, MAS was awarded a NIA R03 Grant for the Early Medical/Surgical Specialists’ Transition to Aging Research (GEMSSTAR) to study geriatric specific risk factors that affect long term mortality and functional outcomes in older adults after high-risk surgery. Dr. Tang will be mentored by Drs. Emily Finlayson, Ken Covinsky, and John Boscardin on this project.

  Mike Steinman Quoted in Consumer Reports
Aug 09, 2017 Michael Steinman, MD is quoted in a series of articles in Consumer Reports about safe and effective use of medications. Please read articles linked below:
- Too Many Meds? America's Love Affair With Prescription Medication
- Is It Time for a Medication Reconciliation?
- From Pill Organizers to Apps, How to Manage Your Meds

  Daphne Lo Awarded 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award from the Academy of Medical Educators
Aug 10, 2017 Daphne Lo, MD was selected to receive a 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award from the Academy of Medical Educators, a peer-nominated award for teaching faculty at all UCSF teaching sites. She joins 4 other faculty from the Division of Geriatrics who will receive the award this year. Recipients will be recognized at Academy of Medical Educators Celebration of New Members on Monday, September 11, 2017 from 3P-5P at Parnassus N-225.

  Louise Aronson Publishes in New York Times
Aug 14, 2017 Louise Aronson, MD, MFA published an article in the August 11th New York Times, "Stop Treating 70- and 90-Year-Olds the Same." Human diversity reaches its apex in old age, but health care doesn’t reflect that. She discusses that in many guidelines people 65 and older — including the two fastest-growing segments of our population, the 80- to 90-year-olds and those over 100 — are lumped in a single group, as if bodies and behaviors don’t change over the last half-century of life.

  Five Geriatrics Faculty are 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award Winners
Aug 14, 2017 Brook Calton, MD, MHS , Pei Chen, MD, Kathryn Eubank, MD, Daphne Lo, MD and Edgar Pierluissi, MD are five of nine Department of Medicine Faculty to receive the UCSF Haile T. Debas Academy of Medical Educators' Excellence in Teaching Award for 2017. This peer-nominated award recognizes the skill and dedication of outstanding front-line teachers of medical students, residents and fellows at all UCSF teaching sites. It is a testament to the amazing education faculty in the Division of Geriatrics that we have so many awardees in our Division. Click here to see a full list of this year’s recipients. Brook, Pei, Kathryn, Daphne and Edgar will be recognized at the Academy's annual Celebration of New Members on Monday, September 11, in Room N-225 at the UCSF School of Nursing. Congratulations!

  UC Care at Home Receives Grant from UCSF Partners in Care
Aug 17, 2017 UC Care at Home received a grant from UCSF Partners in Care to support our 2018 Day of Remembering Ceremony. UC Care at Home provides primary and palliative medical care to home-limited patients in San Francisco. Our patients have complex chronic illnesses, and about a third of our patients die each year. Our Day of Remembering is an opportunity for our clinicians, staff, families, and caregivers to memorialize and celebrate the lives of the patients. UCSF Partners in Care is a non-profit auxiliary serving UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital that raises money and awards grants for programs that help alleviate the stress, anxiety, and isolation that patients and their families may experience during their care or treatment at UCSF.

  Helen Horvath Publish Article in Frontiers
Aug 23, 2017 Helen Horvath, RN, MS, ANP recently published an article on LVN and RN education and roles in Frontiers, the newsletter of the American Academy of Home Care Medicine. Many are not aware that the nursing workforce in skilled nursing facilities, long term care, and home health includes a large percentage of licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) in addition to the registered nurses (RNs), the more common type of nurse in acute care settings.

  New Research Leads to More People Preparing for their Care!
Aug 25, 2017 Rebecca Sudore, MD and Deborah Barnes, PhD were awarded additional funding from the NIA for a feasibility study to test PREPARE among diverse, older adults with cognitive impairment who are at risk for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, and their caregivers. This is a supplement to their existing R01 Improving Advance Care Planning by Preparing Diverse Seniors for Decision Making to test the efficacy of the advance care planning PREPARE website in a randomized trial among diverse, primary care patients without cognitive impairment.

The Cicely Saunders Institute, King’s College London chose Dr. Sudore’s ‘Defining Advance Care Planning for Adults: A Consensus Definition From a Multidisciplinary Delphi Panel’ as their August 2017 paper of the month.

Did you know PREPARE has a quarterly newsletter? Check out the August newsletter and sign up here for more updates.

  Message from the SFVAHCS Medical Center Director: Compassionate Care for our Veterans
Aug 25, 2017 I often receive letters from Veterans and their families complimenting the excellent care they or their loved ones have received in our Health Care System. Many times, this praise is for the nurses in our Hospice unit. This week, I was fortunate to go to the CLC for a small celebration of our Hospice nurses. The whole Palliative Care team couldn’t say enough wonderful things about the compassionate care these nurses are able to give our Veterans at the end of their lives.

From my experience as an occupational therapist, I know first-hand that it takes a special kind of person to be a Hospice nurse. It requires unbelievable strength and sensitivity to care for a patient at their most vulnerable point, while also providing support for grieving family members. I hear over and over again that our Hospice nurses are experts at creating a comfortable and peaceful environment for our Veterans. They also work diligently to take care of our Veterans’ family members, answering any questions they have and helping them understand the care their loved ones are receiving. Our Hospice nurses are crucial members of the Palliative Care team, and they regularly work with physicians, social workers, and others on the team to make sure everyone is making the best possible decisions for our Veterans. Patrice Villars, the Associate Director of our Hospice, told me that when our Hospice nurses make recommendations about the best course of care for their Veterans, they are almost always right. And perhaps most importantly of all, our Hospice nurses are a fully cohesive team that supports and helps each other through what is often a difficult and demanding job. When I asked these nurses why they worked in our Hospice, nearly all of them mentioned their camaraderie and teamwork as key reasons for loving their jobs.

I am so honored to work alongside so many employees like our Hospice nurses who come together to do excellent things for our Veterans. Thank you for all that you do.

Bonnie S. Graham

  Drs. Daphne Lo and John Newman Nominated for “Best Clinician Mentor” by MSTAR Students
Aug 29, 2017 Each summer the UCSF Division of Geriatrics hosts the Medical Student Training in Research (MSTAR) program for medical students after their first year of medical school. UCSF is always a popular site for this program because of our tremendous teachers. This year Daphne Lo, MD and John Newman, MD, PhD were selected by the students for the “Best Clinician Mentor Award.” The students wrote:

Dr. Lo drove me on a Home Based Primary Care (HBPC) visit in the Tenderloin and taught me about the HBPC model, allowed me to assist with/interview and gave me exposure to problems low-income SF residents deal with.

Dr. Newman showed us the Acute Care for Elders (ACE) unit and he had us watch how he interacted with 2 patients on the unit. Afterwards, we were allowed to participate in the assessment and plan. I felt like part of the team! He was very encouraging and a great teacher!

Congratulations Daphne and John!

  Drs. Newman and Verdin Publish Review in the 2017 Annual Reviews of Nutrition
Aug 29, 2017 John Newman, MD, PhD and Eric Verdin, MD published a review in the 2017 Annual Reviews of Nutrition titled "Beta-hydroxybutyrate: A Signaling Metabolite". The review explores current knowledge of the cellular signaling functions of this ketone body and how they relate to aging and disease.

  Drs. Sudore and Ritchie Awarded PCORI Funding to Test PREPARE
Aug 29, 2017 Rebecca Sudore, MD and Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH, FACP, FAAHPM were awarded funding from PCORI to test PREPARE in 27 primary care clinics at UCSF, UCLA and UCI. The 5 year comparative effectiveness project will assess three advance care planning approaches for patients with cancer, heart, and lung disease to determine how to best carry out advance care planning in busy clinics across UC Health.

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