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  Sarah Ngo Awarded the SPIRIT of DOM Award!
Oct 05, 2017 Congratulations Sarah for being one of the first recipients of the semiannual SPIRIT of DOM Award, which recognizes and celebrates staff members who embody Staff Professionalism, Inspiration, Responsibility, Integrity, and Teamwork (SPIRIT).

Sarah is the go-to person to make things work at the San Francisco VA for the UCSF Division of Geriatrics research program. She is bright, articulate, and steps in to help anyone in need. She impresses people with her can-do spirit in the face of difficult odds. She also possesses an infectious enthusiasm and upbeat attitude—she organizes the weekly UCSF Division of Geriatrics Works-in-Progress seminars in which she interacts with faculty and staff across the Bay Area in such a way that our attendance at WIPs has skyrocketed. Sarah has literally helped every PI in Geriatrics overcome at least one problem to facilitate important research at the San Francisco VA, earning her the reputation as a problem-solver who cuts through bureaucracy to get things done. Beyond her ability to problem solve, she has also been described as supernaturally cheerful and positive, and seeks to make people feel welcomed and supported. Congratulations, Sarah!


  Please join our 2nd Implementation Science Symposium at UCSF
Oct 05, 2017

RSVP here = *Space is limited

  Division of Geriatrics 20th Anniversary Featured in Department Newsletter
Oct 05, 2017 The UCSF Department of Medicine's October newsletter featured the Division of Geriatrics, including our video celebrating our 20th Anniversary. Link to newsletter here.

  Brie Williams Publish Paper in AMA Journal of Ethics
Oct 06, 2017 Brie Williams, MD, MS recently published a paper in the AMA Journal of Ethics entitled “Compassionate Release Policy Reform: Physicians as Advocates for Human Dignity” which describes the barriers to compassionate release and opportunities for physicians to advocate for patients seeking early release.

  Cyrus Ahalt, Rebecca Sudore, and Brie Williams Publish Paper in the AMA Journal of Ethics
Oct 06, 2017 Cyrus Ahalt, MPP, Rebecca Sudore, MD , and Brie Williams, MD, MS recently published a paper in the AMA Journal of Ethics entitled “’Teach-to-Goal’ to Better Assess Informed Consent Comprehension among Incarcerated Clinical Research Participants”. The paper describes additional protective measures to consider when enrolling incarcerated persons in research in the correctional setting.

  Rebecca Sudore and Stacy Osua will Speak at a Seminar on Recruitment of Underepresented Study Populations
Oct 06, 2017 As part of the mission of both the Innovation and Implementation Center on Aging and Palliative Care (I-CAP) and the UCSF Pepper Center to recruit and retain vulnerable older adults in research, Rebecca Sudore, MD and Stacy Osua will be speaking at a Seminar on Recruitment of Underrepresented Study Populations Tuesday, October 31, from 10am-12pm at Genentech Hall in Mission Bay. Join their discussion on the importance of including vulnerable older adults in research and best practices. For more information and to register please click here.

  Jessica Eng Selected on SGIM's Geriatrics Task Force
Oct 10, 2017 Jessica Eng, MD, MS has been selected for a 3-year term on the Society of General Internal Medicine's Geriatrics Task Force. The SGIM Geriatrics Task Force was created in 2006.

Its members work to achieve the following goals:
1. Facilitate access and implementation of current activities within SGIM related to geriatrics by members.
2. Coordinate activities between SGIM and other organizations active in geriatrics clinical care, education, and research, especially the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM), the American Geriatrics Society (AGS), and the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM).
3. Design, fund, and implement new projects that focus on improving clinical care and education related to geriatrics.
4. Facilitate career development of SGIM members.

  Drs. Tang and Newman Gave Talk for Buck Institute's Annual Levy Community Seminar
Oct 11, 2017 Victoria Tang, MD and John Newman, MD, PhD gave a talk entitled "Be Your Own Geriatrician" for the Buck Institute’s annual Levy Community Seminar, presented in memory of Dr. S. William Levy.

  Michael Steinman Quoted in Consumer Reports and the Washington Post
Oct 13, 2017 Michael Steinman, MD was quoted in Consumer Reports and the Washington Post in an article about questions people should ask their doctors about their medications.

  Janice Schwartz Publish Article in The FASEB Journal
Oct 13, 2017 Janice Schwartz, MD published an article entitled "Declining levels of functionally specialized synaptic proteins in plasma neuronal exosomes with progression of Alzheimer's disease" in The FASEB Journal.

  UCSF Geriatrics Physicians Volunteer to Provide Medical Care for Sonoma Fire Evacuees
Oct 16, 2017 Anna Chodos, MD, MPH , Theresa Allison, MD, PhD, Jennifer Morris and Patrice Villars, NP volunteered to provide medical care for Sonoma fire evacuees at the Elsie Allen High School Red Cross shelter. It was impressive to see local medical and nursing volunteers come together to create an improvised first aid clinic and field hospital observation unit. In addition, the clinical teams provided support for two dozen residents of assisted living/congregant living programs. Supported by regional volunteers, our physicians and nurses were able to care for 20 elders and bring strangers into functioning interprofessional teams.


  Karen Yuan Promoted to Assistant Division Manager
Oct 17, 2017 We are pleased to announce the promotion of Karen Yuan from Finance Manager to Assistant Division Manager in the UCSF Division of Geriatrics. In this new role, Karen will continue to manage division finances while expanding her responsibilities to include managing human resource activities in the division, lead the day-to-day core administrative operations for the division, and work closely with the division leadership team strategizing on a number of issues as we continue to grow.

Karen received her B.S. in Managerial Economics and a B.A. in International Relations in June 2007 from UC Davis. She joined the division in 2013 as a Research Financial Analyst after working for 6 years at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco where she grew in her role from a counselor to a Program Services Supervisor. After joining UCSF Karen quickly proved she had the skills and dedication to manage the division’s sponsored projects and finances and was promoted to Finance Manager in 2014. She continued to excel in her performance and work well with her colleagues. In 2015 Karen received a School of Medicine Great People award in recognition of her outstanding contributions and serving as a model for exhibiting qualities and values essential to making the School of Medicine a great place to work. Karen was one of 20 graduates in the UCSF Office of Diversity and Outreach inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program in December 2016 and earlier this year she received a UCSF School of Medicine STAR Achievement Award recognizing her exemplary achievement and demonstrated commitment to the Chancellor’s priorities and PRIDE values.

Please join us in congratulating Karen on her promotion and welcoming her to this new position in the division.

  Krista Harrison Awarded AAHCM Trainee Poster of the Year
Oct 17, 2017 Krista Lyn Harrison, PhD was selected for the Trainee Poster of the Year Award for the American Academy of Home Care Medicine and presented her findings through an oral presentation. The Poster of the Year recognizes an AAHCM member who has made a notable contribution to the development of clinical and/or translational research to advance the field of home care medicine.

  Drs. Ritchie and Leff's Paper is Published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
Oct 17, 2017 Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH, FACP, FAAHPM and Bruce A. Leff, MD"'s paper entitled, "Bringing the Medical Home back Home in the Context of Population Health - Home-Based Primary Care and Home-Based Palliative Care" was published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. The paper describes the potential positive interface between Home-based Primary Care and Home-based Palliative Care.

  Drs. Rivera and Byerly Led Successful New Intensive Two-Week Geriatrics Curriculum in September 2017
Oct 20, 2017 The second year medical student class completed a new, intensive 2 week geriatrics curriculum led by Josette Rivera, MD with Laura Byerly, MD's support in September. This curriculum spanned across three courses: Life Stages, the Clinical Microsystems Clerkship, and the Core Inquiry Curriculum. Students also interviewed administrators at different models of medical and residential care serving older adults, and shadowed our core and volunteer faculty in clinical settings. Preliminary student feedback has been positive and appreciative:

“My interest in the field has definitely grown having just experienced these 1.5 weeks, and I have learned lessons that I know will absolutely be applicable to whatever I end up doing in the future.”

“I thought the Geriatrics week was fantastic! I think this was my favorite week of medical school and really great example of how to use all the different elements of the curriculum (CMC, F1, Inquiry) synergistically to maximize learning. I especially loved the immersive experiences at a Geriatrics clinic and at a "Models of Care" site. I'm sure it was difficult to organize those experiences for the entire class so I wanted to tell you that from the student perspective, those were incredibly valuable learning experiences.”

Thank you to all our division and volunteer faculty who contributed to making this inaugural run a success!

  UCSF Division of Geriatrics Has a Youtube Page!
Oct 20, 2017 UCSF Division of Geriatrics has created a new YouTube channel! The channel now houses our division 20th anniversary video, new Optimizing Aging Collaborative (GWEP) training videos (more details in a later post), and a playlist of videos featuring our faculty. Please click here to view and subscribe to our channel! If you have any videos you would like to upload to our new YouTube page, please contact Caroline Sou at

  Geriatrics Division Retreat: Visioning the Next 20 Years
Oct 20, 2017 Thirty two faculty participated in the Geriatrics Faculty Division Retreat on 10/18/17 to think about what the UCSF Division of Geriatrics should look like in the future. We calculated that we had over 252 years-worth of Geriatrics expertise if you combined the number of years we have all been in the field of Geriatrics. This word cloud highlights words that we thought were important in describing our Division. Thanks everyone for your participation!

  Optimizing Aging Collaborative Receives Certificate of Honor from City
Oct 25, 2017 On Thursday 10/19/17, members of the UCSF Division of Geriatrics: Louise Walter, MD , Anna Chodos, MD, MPH , Alicia Neumann, PhD, MPA and several of our community partners who form the UCSF Optimizing Aging Collaborative (Openhouse, UC Hastings College of Law, Homebridge, Alzheimer's Association NCNV) received a Certificate of Honor from the City and County of San Francisco. This certificate praises our "two years of tireless efforts and dedication to providing outstanding service to the City and County of San Francisco." It highlights that we are "a world leader in areas of research, education and clinical care for older individuals" and that our "efforts have significantly contributed to the livelihood of the geriatric community." The certificate is signed by the Mayor, Ed Lee, who affixed the Seal of the City and County of San Francisco to the certificate (see certificate here).

  T32 Renewal Application Gets Perfect Score
Oct 26, 2017 The Division of Geriatrics' competitive renewal application for the T32 Aging Research Fellowship, led by Michael Steinman, MD and Alex Smith, MD, MPH, received a perfect score of 10 from NIH.

  Former Fellow Lena Makaroun Publish Article in JAMA Internal Medicine
Oct 26, 2017 Former fellow Lena Makaroun and current faculty and staff published an article in JAMA Internal Medicine, looking at the relationship between wealth and disability in the US and England. Dr. Makaroun and colleagues found that despite tremendous differences between the US and England in terms of health care access and safety net programs, there were striking similarities, with the lowest wealth being associated with much higher rates of disability.

  Dr. Daphne Lo leads SFVAHCS CMC Medical Student Health Systems Improvement Project Showcase
Oct 27, 2017 As a part of the UCSF Bridges Curriculum Clinical Microsystems Clerkship, 29 UCSF second year medical students and six physician coaches from Medicine and Vascular Surgery showcased 13 systems improvement projects at the SFVAHCS Systems Improvement Fair, which drew over 300 veterans, employees, and leadership attendees. Systems improvement projects on areas like delirium and antibiotic use in nursing homes are part of an ambitious and innovative longitudinal clinical skills course to immerse first and second year medical students in health systems as learning and contributing partners.

Vice Dean Dr. Catherine Lucey, a geriatrician, leads the vision and implementation of the UCSF Bridges Curriculum. Education leaders from the UCSF Division of Geriatrics and the SFVAHCS Geriatrics and Palliative Extended Care include: Anna Chang, MD (director), Edgar Pierluissi, MD (co-director, health systems improvement), Daphne Lo, MD, MAEd (site director), Kathryn Eubank, MD (coach), Pei Chen, MD (coach), Michi Yukawa, MD, MPH (coach), Mike Harper, MD (student advisor), Josette Rivera, MD (interprofessional collaboration lead), Laura Byerly, MD (curriculum lead), RN Judith Rosen (project contributor and QI lead), Dr. Barbara Drye (project contributor), and NP Patrice Villars (project contributor), and others.

  Welcome Raymond Wong!
Oct 30, 2017 Please join me in welcoming our new social worker Raymond Wong to the division! Raymond earned his Master of Social Work from San Francisco State University with concentration in Individual, Family, and Groups. His education and career have always focused on his passion for working with the Geriatric population. From 2011-2013, Raymond worked at Kaiser Permanente hospital to provide discharge planning and community resources to patients and their families. On 2013, he made a transition over to Home Based Palliative Care within Kaiser. He provided Life Care Planning, completions of Advanced Directives, and Physician Orders For Life-Sustaining Treatment form to patients affected by chronic and terminal illness in the community settings (Home, Residential Care Facilities, and Assisted Living Facilities). Raymond is very excited and ambitious to begin his new journey as a clinical social worker at UCSF and we are extremely excited to work with him in Geriatrics! Raymond will be stationed at Laurel Heights (Suite 380) next to Marisa Guardado and can be reached at: and 415-502-4053. If you get a chance to meet him, please welcome him to the team!

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