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  Laura Byerly Publish a "Rip Out" in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education
Nov 01, 2017 Laura Byerly, MD and colleagues published a "Rip Out" in the current issue of the Journal of Graduate Medical Education exploring and summarizing three lenses on learning for educators and educational researchers. Read more here.

  Drs. Seib and Finlayson Publish Paper in JAMA Surgery
Nov 02, 2017 Carolyn Seib, MD published a paper in JAMA Surgery entitled, "Association of Patient Frailty With Increased Morbidity After Common Ambulatory General Surgery Operations".

Dr. Seib's study looks at the impact of frailty on outcomes in common ambulatory general surgery operations which expands on the work that Emily Finlayson, MD, the Director of the UCSF Center for Surgery in Older Adults and a co-author, has done looking at poor functional outcomes and survival of frail nursing home residents who undergo colorectal surgery for cancer.

This study shows that frailty contributes to morbidity even for ambulatory operations that patients and providers often treat as routine. This confirms that frailty has to be taken into account for any operation, big or small and that screening for frailty needs to be a routine component of all preoperative clinic visits. This will allow surgeons to accurately relay surgical risk to patients in informed consent discussions to ensure that surgery is in line with their goals of care and to target patients for interventions that will optimize them before surgery. It is essential that specialized care tailored to the older adult is provided to improve surgical outcomes and prevent morbidity.

This paper was also mentioned in the New York Times earlier this week.

  Rebecca Sudore and Stacy Osua Gave a Talk at the CTSI Participant Recruitment Program and Differences Matter Research Action Group Seminar on Recruitment of Underepresented Study Populations
Nov 06, 2017 As part of the mission of both the Innovation and Implementation Center on Aging and Palliative Care (I-CAP) and the UCSF Pepper Center to recruit and retain vulnerable older adults in research, Rebecca Sudore, MD and Stacy Osua discussed the importance of including vulnerable older adults in research and best practices at a UCSF Seminar on Recruitment of Underrepresented Study Populations. Watch the seminar and their talk here.

Full link to lecture here.

  Christine Ritchie Assisted with Writing Commission Report Related to Palliative and Supportive Care
Nov 06, 2017 Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH, FACP, FAAHPM assisted with writing the Commission report related to palliative and supportive care entitled: New Lancet Oncology Commission on Future Research Priorities in the USA. The report includes a focus on prevention, a new model for drug discovery and development, a vast expansion of patient access to clinical trials, and an emphasis on targeted interventions to improve cancer care for underserved groups, specifically children, cancer survivors and minority groups. The report emphasizes the importance of addressing health disparities in all recommendations. Explore all of the report’s recommendations:

  Welcome Francisco Quintanilla
Nov 08, 2017 Please join me in welcoming Francisco Quintanilla, Clinical Research Coordinator, who will be working part-time with Dr. Meredith Greene on her research on integrating geriatric assessment with HIV care.

Francisco earned his Associate of Science degree at Peralta Community College and is currently enrolled at UC Berkeley to complete his coursework for a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology: Cell and Developmental Biology. Most recently, Francisco worked at DGIM at ZSFG on the SF Hints Project (Health Information National Trends Survey), where he translated surveys and website contents to Spanish, engaged in community outreach and managed participant incentive payments. From 2015-2017, Francisco worked with Dr. Rebecca Sudore on her PREPARE Study at the Center for Vulnerable Populations, both as a volunteer and as an Assistant CRC. While working with the Geriatrics group, Francisco helped to implement advance care planning tools to increase accessibility for patients with limited health literacy, recruited patients, and conducted quantitative and qualitative study interviews. With abundant experience in research projects, Francisco will work with Dr. Greene on study coordination and data collection, data management and reporting, as well as study implementation and quality control procedures.

Francisco will be mainly stationed at the ZSFG (sharing an office with Dr. Greene), but you may also see him around Laurel Heights. He can be reached at If you get a chance to see Francisco, please welcome him back to our division!

  Drs. Byerly, Brown, Williams, and Chodos Publish Article in Aging Today
Nov 09, 2017 Laura Byerly, MD, Rebecca Brown, MD, MPH, Brie Williams, MD, MS, and Anna Chodos, MD, MPH recently published a brief article in Aging Today about the development and outcomes of a UCSF developed SFPD Crisis Intervention Training course on aging in the community. The course provides a lecture and hands-on stations for the officers to "experience aging" with the goal of improving knowledge, empathy, and awareness of older adult conditions for SFPD officers in the field.

  Brie Williams and Cyrus Ahalt Publish Paper in The British Medical Journal
Nov 09, 2017 Brie Williams, MD, MS and Cyrus Ahalt, MPP recently published a paper in the British Medical Journal entitled “Examining the role of healthcare professionals in the use of solitary confinement”. The article calls on healthcare professionals and medical governing bodies to provide a greater leadership role in solitary confinement reform to ensure that correctional healthcare providers have the specific guidance, training, supervision, and support they need to assess, treat, and advocate for their patients in solitary confinement. The full article can be found here.

  Brie Williams' U.S.-European Criminal Justice Innovation Program Featured by the Marshall Project
Nov 09, 2017 The U.S.-European Criminal Justice Innovation Program, led by Brie Williams, MD, MS , Cyrus Ahalt, MPP and Michele Casadei, is featured in a recent news story by the Marshall Project. The article, “I Did It Norway: Some American prisons are singing a European tune,” describes the impact the Program has had on each participating state and highlights some of their accomplishments achieving health-centered criminal justice reform due to their participation in the program. Read more here.

  Brie Williams Quoted in UCSF School of Medicine Feature Story
Nov 09, 2017 Brie Williams, MD, MS was quoted in a UCSF School of Medicine feature story that describes the many opportunities the University of California has to improve criminal justice healthcare and the university’s faculty who are contributing to these advancements.

  Stephanie Rogers Speaks at the National Falls Conference in Philadelphia
Nov 13, 2017 Stephanie Rogers, MD spoke at the 4th National Falls Conference in Philadelphia on November 13-15, 2017 on the association between delirium and falls in the hospital. This nationally collaborative program is designed to provide a platform for building on best practices across all sectors of the health care system, to prevent falls and fall related injuries in hospitals, home health, and long term care organizations nation wide.

  Stephanie Rogers Attended NIDUS Research Bootcamp
Nov 13, 2017 Stephanie Rogers, MD attended the NIDUS (Network for Investigators of Delirium) Research Bootcamp in Boston on November 1st, 2017. The goal of the bootcamp is for junior investigators in delirium to gain expertise and mentorship in delirium research projects.

  Christine Ritchie and Eric Widera Selected as AAHPM Visionaries in Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Nov 13, 2017 The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) has selected Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH, FACP, FAAHPM and Eric Widera, MD as Visionaries in Hospice and Palliative Medicine for their impactful contributions. Nearly 150 individuals were nominated and more than 6,500 votes were cast to select the top 30 vote-getters across the U.S. Two of the 30 visionaries are in the UCSF Division of Geriatrics! The full list of visionaries is here:

Anthony L. Back
J. Andrew Billings*
David J. Casarett
Eric J. Cassell
James F. Cleary
J. Randall Curtis
Constance Dahlin
Frank D. Ferris
Perry G. Fine
Sarah E. Friebert
Nahla Gafer
James L. Hallenbeck
Arif H. Kamal
Jean S. Kutner
Joanne Lynn
Mary Lynn McPherson
Michael J. Nisco
Judith A. Paice
Christina M. Puchalski
Tammie E. Quest
M.R. Rajagopal
Christine S. Ritchie
Scott T. Shreve
Christian T. Sinclair
Thomas J. Smith
Jennifer S. Temel
Joan M. Teno
James A. Tulsky
Eric Widera
Joanne Wolfe

Congratulations to the new class of Visionaries in Hospice and Palliative Medicine!

  Janice Schwartz Speaks at the American Heart Association
Nov 13, 2017 Janice Schwartz, MD is speaking at the American Heart Association today (November 13th) in a Session entitled: When the Guidelines Fall short- What to do. Her talk is entitled: Polypharmacy: to prescribe or deprescribe in ny 26 pills and more still indicated in my 84 yo Heart Failure with reduced ejection fraction patient?

  Janice Schwartz Publish a Letter to the Editor in JACC
Nov 13, 2017 Janice Schwartz, MD published a letter to the Editor in the November 28th issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC). The Letter to the Editor pointed out the errors in assessing dosing accuracy of newer oral anticoagulants that was used by the authors due to the absence of key data in the Optum Labs databases and that the authors conclusions were thus likely to be highly inaccurate and misleading. The errors were demonstrated with complete and accurate data from UCSF studies.

  Drs. Brown, Boscardin, Lee, Steinman and Ms. Diaz-Ramirez Publish Paper in Annuals of Internal Medicine
Nov 14, 2017 Rebecca Brown, MD, MPH, Grisell Diaz-Ramirez, John Boscardin, PhD , Sei Lee, MD, MAS , and Michael Steinman, MD published a paper in Annals of Internal Medicine, entitled "Functional impairment and decline in middle age: a cohort study." They found that about 1 in 5 adults reported new difficulty performing 1 or more activities of daily living between the ages of 50 and 64, and about 40% of those people went on to experience further functional decline or death over 10 years' follow-up. The issue includes 2 related editorials and an interactive data graphic created by Annals staff.

  Melisa Wong Awarded the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) 2017 Young Investigator Award
Nov 14, 2017 Melisa Wong, MD, MAS was awarded the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) 2017 Young Investigator Award at the annual conference in Warsaw, Poland. This award recognizes one young investigator each year for outstanding research in the field of geriatric oncology. Dr. Wong’s oral presentation on physical function trajectories in older adults with cancer receiving chemotherapy was mentored by Chris Miaskowski, RN, PhD, FAAN.

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