Name Title Phone Email
Joan Abrams, MA, MPA
Joan Abrams
Program Manager, Tideswell at UCSF (415) 502-4142
Cyrus Ahalt, MPP
Project Director of the UC Consortium on Criminal Justice Healthcare (415) 502-0191
Jack Anderson
Project and Policy Coordinator, Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (415) 476-6752
Thomas Baker, RN
Administrative Coordinator,
UC Care at Home
(415) 514-3154
Maureen Barrientos
Maureen Barrientos
Clinical Research Coordinator (415) 502-3797
Michele Casadei Clinical Research Coordinator (415) 502-3630
Irena Cenzer
Senior Statistician

(415) 221-4810 x22707
Elaine Chow
Elaine Chow
Education Coordinator

(415) 221-4810 x24453
Rebecca Conroy, RN, MS, AGNP-BC
Rebecca Conroy
Nurse Practitioner,
UC Care at Home
(415) 502-8676
Maxine Davis
Maxine Davis
Division Manager (415) 514-0719
Andrea De Guzman
Andrea De Guzman
Health Care Navigator, UC Care at Home (415) 502-4061
Grisell Diaz-Ramirez, MS
Senior Statistician (415) 221-4810 x22707
Ashley Eaton
Ashley Eaton
Clinical Research Coordinator (415) 502-3381
Kathy Fung
Senior Statistician, SFVAMC (415) 221-4810 x24953
Sarah Garrigues
Sarah Garrigues
Deputy Director of Operations, Tideswell at UCSF (415) 476-6209
Courtney Gordon, DNP
Courtney Gordon
Nurse Practitioner,
UC Care at Home
(415) 514-0716
Marisa Guardado, LCSW
Marisa Guardado
Clinical Social Worker, UC Care at Home (415) 514-3577
Axel Herrera
Axel Herrera
Staff Research Associate, The PREPARE Study (415) 317-1654
Sun Young Jeon, MS, PhD
Sun Young Jeon
Senior Statistician (415) 502-3924
Bocheng Jing
Statistician (415) 221-4810 x24179
Mary Katen
Mary Katen
Staff Research Associate, The PREPARE Study (415) 221-4810 x24655
Suzanne Kawahara, MBA
Suzanne Kawahara
Deputy Director, Tideswell at UCSF (415) 476-3174
Brookelle Li
Staff Research Associate, The PREPARE Study (415) 317-3043
Alicia Neumann, PhD, MPA
Program Director, Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (415) 476-5427
Sarah Ngo
Clinical Research Coordinator (415) 221-4510 x25450
Francesca Nicosia, PhD
Health Systems Research Specialist (415) 221-4810 x23446
Kanan Patel, MPH, MBBS
Kanan Patel
Research Analyst (415) 406-1578
Jana Powell
Jana Powell
Project Coordinator (415) 221-4810 x23311
Francisco Quintanilla
Francisco Quintanilla
Clinical Research CoordinatorN/A
Kate Radcliffe
Program Analyst, Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (415) 206-5147
Danny Raices
Practice Coordinator,
UC Care at Home
(415) 502-2582
Megan Rathfon, RN, NP
Nurse Practitioner, Moffitt-Long Hospital Inpatient Geriatric Service (415) 502-4906
Janice Jean Rivera
Janice Rivera
Practice Manager,
UC Care at Home
(415) 514-0706
Annette Rodriguez
Staff Research Associate (415) 221-4510 x26597
Ying Shi, PhD
Ying Shi
Senior Statistician (415) 221-4810 x23693
Caroline Sou
Operations Analyst (415) 476-0605
Malena Spar
Clinical Research Coordinator (415) 221-4810 x22520
Gary Tarasovsky
Data Manager(415) 221-4810 x26339
Nicole Thompson
Nicole Thompson
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator (415) 502-8733
Aiesha Volow
Aiesha Volow
Health Policy Analyst/Project Coordinator, The PREPARE Study (415) 221-4810 x22217
Raymond Wong, MSW
Raymond Wong
Social Worker, UC Care at Home (415) 502-4053
Edison Xu
Edison Xu
Clinical Research Coordinator (415) 221-4810 x24240
Thomas Yu
Thomas Yu
Research Finance Analyst (415) 514-0715
Karen Yuan
Karen Yuan
Assistant Division Manager (415) 476-0234