Bridges-Home Based Palliative Care

Bridges provides home-based palliative and transitional care consultations for UCSF adult patients of all ages.

UC Care at Home’s Bridges program aims to help our UCSF patients living with serious illness receive the best care possible. Bridges offers home-visits by physicians who specialize in symptom management, communication, and safe transitions from hospital to home. Our physicians serve as medical consultants, working closely with a patient’s primary and specialty care providers, as well as home health and hospice agencies.

Bridges can help UCSF patients and families:

  • Create a clear and effective plan for managing symptoms at home
  • Understand their illness and what to expect in the future
  • Ensure a safe and comfortable transition from hospital to home
  • Make important medical decisions based on the patient’s hopes and values
  • Coordinate effectively with medical providers
  • Connect to medical and social support resources

Patients are referred to Bridges by their UCSF physician in the hospital or clinic. To qualify for Bridges patients must: be over 18 years old, live in San Francisco, have a UCSF primary care or specialist provider whom they can contact overnight or on weekends with questions, be-home-limited and have a serious and/or chronic progressive illness.

To find out more about the program or refer a patient, please call the program at (415) 514-3577.