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AGE ADAPPTT The Big Picture- Transitions in Geriatrics Care.
Approaching the End of Life: A Guide for Family and Friends Approaching the End of Life a Guide for Family and Friends is a palliative care booklet for patients and their families.
Housecalls Tip Sheet Checklist for housecalls visits.
UCSF, SFVAMC, and ZSFG Patient Transitions Planning Card Issues to Address to Avoid Problems in Transition.
Communicating Effectively with Health System Leaders Output Dr. Louise Aronson, has brought together a national, interprofessional Rebranding Geriatrics Working Group for the purpose of developing tools and methods to more effectively explain geriatrics and communicate its benefits to five stakeholder groups: patient and caregivers, systems leaders, other health care providers, trainees and policymakers. Under her leadership, the working group has conducted a series of focus groups, developed new communication tools, and taught sessions about this work at national meetings. Their work is being conducted in cooperation with national geriatrics leadership groups including the American Geriatrics Society and the Hartford Foundation and will be complementary to other national efforts to brand geriatrics and negotiate for more geriatric care in health systems. As part of the Rebranding Geriatrics Working Group efforts, an online training was developed with an array of messaging, marketing, and communications tools that geriatrics health care providers across the United States and in varied practice and educational settings can use at their convenience, when needed or for general training. The training provides strategies, statistics, stories and other information essential to persuasive communication.