Northern California Geriatrics Education Center

The Northern California Geriatrics Education Center, or NorCal GEC, offers inter-professional training programs in geriatrics and palliative care in the Bay Area, Central Valley, and Monterrey Peninsula. Funded by the Health Resources and Service Agency under the Department of Health and Human Services, the NorCal GEC is led by UCSF and includes partners at Institute on Aging, UC Berkeley, UCSF Fresno, and the MBay GRC. The NorCal GEC is recognized as one of the best Geriatrics Education Centers in the United States and a leader in educational innovation and evaluation of programs.

Our programs are all: 1) interprofessional – including at least 4 different health professions including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, social work, psychology, and others); 2) evidence-based – using the best evidence about the care of older adults; and 3) educationally cutting edge – employing the latest, proven educational techniques to promote active and enduring learning. We also have a particular focus on the care of diverse and underserved elders and have established partnerships with Bay Area safety net clinics to improve the care of their economically and socially disadvantaged and culturally and linguistically diverse elders.

The NorCal GEC programs include:

Faculty Development

  1. Annual, longitudinal Faculty Development program at UCSF in geriatric care, inter-professional teamwork, and educational and leadership skills
  2. Triannual Geriatrics and Palliative Care Faculty Development series at Fresno

    Student Education

  3. UC Berkeley-based courses in geriatrics: 1) a longitudinal service learning project in a long term care setting, 2) an interdisciplinary team training (ITT) course, 3) “Dementia, Culture and Self,” and 4) “Critical Perspectives on Aging and Health”
  4. UCSF Interprofessional Aging and Palliative Care course and interest group for health professions students
  5. UCSF competency-based Inpatient Geriatrics course “GeriWard

    Continuing Education for Practicing Professionals

  6. Falls Prevention and Control in Underserved Populations for practitioners at East Bay and San Francisco safety net clinics
  7. Assessment and Management of Vulnerable Older Adults continuing education series at Bay Area community health clinics
  8. 2 annual day-long, Special Topics in Geriatrics conferences for Bay Area community health professionals
  9. Intensive skills development and training of trainers programs for Bay Area health professions community preceptors
  10. Geriatrics Continuing Education workshops for community providers in Fresno
  11. Annual Geriatric Chronic Care Management Continuing Education program in collaboration with community colleges in Monterey county