UCSF Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine Grand Rounds

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Date Presenter Presentation Title
05/23/2018 Lona Mody, MD, MSc, Amanda Sanford Hickey Professor, University of Michigan and VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System Art and Science of Conducting Bench to Bedside Research: Lessons Learnt
04/25/2018 Bruce Leff, MD, Professor of Medicine, John Hopkins University Schools of Medicine Look Homeward, Medicine
03/28/2018 Stephanie Rogers, MD, MS, MPH, Medical Directors of: ACE Unit, Hip Fracture Co-management Service, and Delirium Reduction Campaign, University of California, San Francisco Creating an Age-Friendly Health System: Where we are now and where we are going?
02/28/2018 Mindy Fain, MD, Chief, Geriatrics, General Internal Medicine and Palliative Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine Geriatric Trauma: Challenges and Opportunities
01/24/2018 Jennie Chin Hansen, RN, MS, FAAN, Former CEO, American Geriatrics Society Making Geriatrics Matter-From the Person, Family and Community
12/13/2017 Jessica Nutik Zitter, MD, Critical & Palliative Care Specialist, Author of Extreme Measures Extreme Measures: Finding a Better Path to the End of Life
11/15/2017 Seth Landefeld MD, Chair, Department of Medicine, The University of Alabama at Birmingham Geriatrics and the Future of Academic Medicine
9/27/2017 Talmadge E. King., MD, Dean, School of Medicine, UCSF Your School of Medicine: Understanding the Big Picture
6/28/2017 Elana Shpall, MD
Uma Tadepalli, MD
Kaitlin Willham, MD
Planeando para el futuro: Advanced care planning in Chiapas. REM behavior disorder: A case for benzos?. A Complicated Case of Grief.
5/24/2017 Paula Span, New Old Age, New York Times Making Friends with Enemies of the People
4/26/2017 Samir K. Sinha, MD, DPhil, FRCPC ACEing Age Old Issues in the Care of Older Canadians
2/22/2017 Cynthia J. Brown, MD, MSPH Mobility in the Hospitalized Older Adult
1/25/2017 Nathan E. Goldstein, MD Palliative Care for Patients with Advanced Heart Failure
11/16/2016 William J. Hall, MD Geriatricians as Writers: New Roles for Clinician-Educators
1/23/2013 Carla Perissinotto, MD (Introduction by Josette Rivera, MD) Examining Loneliness in Older Adults