Data, Measures, and Accrual Core

Pepper Center

The Data, Measures, and Accrual Core helps investigators leverage existing data to conduct high-value research on late-life disability in vulnerable older adults by

  1. aiding the design of research studies using existing data
  2. facilitating the inclusion of measures of function and disability into primary data collection studies and the recruitment of vulnerable older patients for these studies
  3. developing new tools for capturing functional status data from large datasets.

Consultation and Dataset Information Services


We offer consultation to advise investigators conducting studies involving function, cognition, and/or disability in vulnerable older adults. This includes providing expert advice on use of national datasets, research design, measurement issues, and recruitment of older adults for research.

If you are interested in having a consultation, view:

Info about Consultations

Dataset Resource Library

We offer the Dataset Resource Library, which contains information on five high-value datasets useful for investigators interested in function, cognition, and disability.

For information on datasets useful for studies investigating function, cognition, or disability in vulnerable older adults, view:

Dataset Resource Library

Core Leaders:

Mike Steinman, MD

Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH