Pepper Center: Research Design and Analysis Core

Pepper Center

The Research Design and Analysis Core provides all Pepper Center investigators access to statistical services at all stages of the research lifecycle. By serving as a central hub of statistical expertise, the Core ensures smooth delivery of statistical knowledge and rigor across the spectrum of scientific research at the Center. This ensures the quality of Center research studies, helps nurture trainees, facilitates interdisciplinary research groups, and ultimately enhances research on predictors, characteristics, and outcomes of late-life disability, especially in vulnerable populations.

Core Leader:

John Boscardin, PhD

Specific Aims:

  1. To establish a central hub of statistical expertise for all OAIC-affiliated research
  2. To participate in the design of new studies, and research grant applications
  3. To promote adoption of state-of-the-art prognostic modeling techniques and statistical methods in aging research
  4. To provide statistical analysis services for studies that have completed data collection
  5. To collaborate in the preparation of research manuscripts
  6. To build connections between OAIC and quantitative researchers
  7. To oversee a developmental project on statistical methods and software for validating the prognostic model building process

To learn more about the UCSF Pepper Center, please contact Pepper Center Coordinator, Sarah Garrigues