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While current events are constantly changing, our Division of Geriatrics is committed to helping our elder population during this pandemic. We hope that this page will serve as a resource for healthcare providers of all backgrounds to be able to provide quality care by consolidating geriatrics specific COVID-19 information.



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Geriatrics Experts by Topic

Here is an overview of the areas our Divison of Geriatrics Faculty are tackling in response to the coronavirus outbreak. If you have a question, please reach out to our Division of Geriatrics Faculty Experts.

Area of Expertise

Geriatrics Faculty Lead

First Contact for Clinical Care of Elders

Carla Perissinotto, MD, MHS

Inpatient Age-Friendly Health Systems

Stephanie Rogers, MD

Medical Care in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Carla Perissinotto, MD, MHS and Michi Yukawa, MD

Medical Care in the Home

Carla Perissinotto, MD, MHS

Ambulatory Medical Care for Elders

Anna Chodos, MD

In-Home Direct Caregivers/Community Resources

Anna Chodos, MD

Department of Public Health Liaison for Elder Care

Anna Chodos, MD


Eric Widera, MD and Kathryn Eubank, MD

Mitigating Effects of Loneliness & Isolation

Carla Perissinotto, MD, MHS and Ashwin Kotwal, MD

COVID-Related Research for Elders

Mike Steinman, MD

Advance Care Planning & Patient Materials for Elders

Rebecca Sudore, MD

Risk Stratification & Prognostication in Elders

Ken Covinsky, MD, MPH and Sei Lee, MD, MAS

Geriatrics Palliative Care

Eric Widera, MD

Geriatric Emergency Department

Todd James, MD

Date Added: 4/2/2020

Guidelines, Toolkits, and Updates from Major Clinical Associations

AGS Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Information Hub

Date Added: 4/10/2020

In an effort to collate relevant information for easy access while not duplicating the important works of authorities in public health, the AGS is using this space as a "one-stop-shop" for select tools and guidance relevant to care for older people. We welcome any suggestions for content or structure from our members or the geriatrics community at [email protected].

Visit the information hub

National Coalition for Hospice and Palliative Care

Date Added: 4/10/2020

The resources compiled on this site have been created by the National Coalition for Hospicae and Pallitiave Care's member organizations to provide guidance to their members and others in the hospice and palliative care field. 


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Providing Care

Advance Care Planning

Serious Illness Care Program COVID-19 Response Toolkit and Conversation Guides from Ariadne Labs

Date Added: 7/20/2020

As part of their Serious Illness Care Program COVID-19 Response Toolkit, Ariadne Labs has released a conversation guide for long-term care, along with a context sheet and a video demonstration of the guide. The toolkit includes resources for health systems and clinicians to address the communications needs of patients in the community and those in the hospital.

Learn More

For the Hospital, Nursing Home, General Primary Care Setting

Date Added: 4/2/2020

Advance Care Planning is imperative. Today, it must be all of our jobs to help prepare patients and families for medical decision making.

In partnership with PREPARE for your Care, we have created a communication guide for three populations of patients in the attached documents (the first is the combined version):

  • Patients admitted to hospital with suspected or confirmed COVID
  • Primary care or nursing home patients at high risk of developing COVID-19 complications
  • General primary care patients

We welcome any feedback on the attached guides. Please email [email protected] with questions/suggestions.

Download COVID Hospital Pocket Card (pdf)

Download Advance Care Planning Guide (pdf)



PREPARE for your Care: Information for Providers and Organizations

Date Added: 4/2/2020

The PREPARE team has been working hard to create the following guides, such as:

Visit their site to access more free resources, many also available in Spanish and features versions tailored for different states.


Caring for Patients living with Alzheimer's and Dementia

Alzheimer's Association Referral Form

Date Added: 5/26/2020

Alzheimer’s Association Northern California/Northern Nevada can still receive and follow up with individuals caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, other dementia, and with persons in the early stage of the disease through the Alzheimer’s Association Connect Referral program.  Referrals can be made on the new PDF fully fillable ALZ Association Connect Referral form and sent by fax to (408) 372-9899 or via email to [email protected]

Click here to download the ALZ Association Connect Referral form

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Medical Supplies

Helplines to obtain more medical supplies for Senior Services

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Date Added: 4/2/2020

This service is for San Francisco residential care sites, ie: board and cares, assisted livings, congregate settings.

To help support you, the San Francisco Department of Public Health has established a Senior Services phone number and e-mail address that residential care sites can use to contact us with your questions and concerns, including:

  • How to request needed supplies*
  • Guidance to prepare for an ill resident
  • Guidance for when a resident is ill
  • Information about coronavirus COVID-19 
  • Other community resource

Call us at:  628-217-6358  This phone line is monitored M-F 8am to 5pm.  If we are unable to answer right away, or you call after hours, please leave a detailed message with your phone number and someone will call you back as soon as possible.  


Reach out to Receive Hand sanitizers

Seven Stills of SF is Making Handsantizers for Nonprofits

Date Added: 4/8/2020

This donation service is for nonprofit in need of hand sanitizer. To be eligible for a donation you must be a nonprofit organization that operates on a donation basis and must be located in the Bay Area.  At this time we are unable to ship our product and will need all donations to be picked up from our facility in San Francisco. 

Click here to fill out a Hand Sanitizer Request

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PPE Guidelines

UCSF Health COVID-19 Clinical Resources

COVID-19 information for UCSF Health clinicians, from clinical guidelines by medical specialty to PPE. Filter by audience to find information specific to your care setting.


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Research Articles and Projections

Research Articles

COVID-19 in Older Adults: Key Points for Emergency Department Providers 

Michael L Malone, MD, Teresita M Hogan,MD, FACEP, Adam Perry, MD, Kevin Biese, MD, Alice Bonner, PhD, RN, FAAN,Patti Pagel,RN, Kathleen T Unroe, MD, MHA 

Source: Journal of Geriatric Emergency Medicine Volume 1, Issue 4 

Read the article


Data Visualizations and Projections

COVID 19 Projections from Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington

Date Added: 4/10/2020

See visualizations of forecast, trends, and research publications for COVID 19.

Visit IHME's COVID 19 Resources

Health Atlas from UCSF Population Health and Health Equity 

Date Added: 4/10/2020

When it comes to health, place matters.

Where we live, including the physical and social environments that surround us, influences health in both positive and negative ways. Health Atlas allows you to explore neighborhood-level characteristics to see how they relate.

Researchers, policy makers, community advocates, and public health professionals can use these insights to improve the population health impact of their work.

Visit Health Atlas




San Francisco

Volunteer with DPH’s COVID-19 Response Efforts

Updated 4/8/2020

The San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) is seeking licensed medical professionals to volunteer with DPH’s COVID-19 response efforts. If you would like to join the City's response to COVID-19 as an emergency healthcare volunteer, you need to register as a Disaster Service Worker Volunteer and come into the Center for badge processing and health screening. (Note: At this time in the COVID-19 response we are only registering public health volunteers).

Individuals with current licenses should email [email protected] for more info. 

  • Once registered, prospective volunteers will be contacted for their availability and called in for processing
  • Volunteers will support DPH in a variety of non-hospital services responding to the COVID-19 crisis

Click here to access the DPH Volunteer Portal

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