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The volunteers at the Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) program play a critical role for our patients- companionship. Our volunteers help patients remain engaged in their care, prevent boredom and isolation, and promote good sleep and recovery.  The ACE unit recruits unique individuals (students, retirees, and everyone in between) who empathize with the challenges of being hospitalized, and have a interest in helping older adults. The ACE Volunteers receive special training on delirium reduction, and learn how to engage older patients through social activities. The volunteers meet patients individually in their rooms or as group in the ACE Activity Room. The ACE activity room is reserved for social activities, such as games, group lunches, arts and crafts, and ACErcise (group exercise). ACE volunteers strive to make our hospital unit as home-like as possible, and excel at bringing compassion to the patients that need it most.

Volunteer Opportunities

We will be recruiting new volunteers for the ACE unit in October 7, 2019. Volunteers are assigned a regular 3 hour shift one day per week. Volunteers personally visit patients in their rooms, provide supplies (toiletries, reading material, DVDs, etc.) and have friendly conversations with the patients and family members. In addition, volunteers also assist and participate in group activities, which take place in the ACE Room.  Our group activities are dynamic, fun, and differ every day. In return for their services, ACE volunteers are treated to quarterly social gatherings and educational opportunities. The ACE volunteers are fantastic because they're personable, empathetic, and inspire hope to a vulnerable patient population. If you share the same qualities, we encourage you to join us!

Volunteer registration opens in October 7, 2019 with a December start date. Complete your application through the volunteer registration site, and indicate your interest to become an ACE Unit Volunteer. We ask our volunteers to commit one year of service, with no more than 6 absences per year.

Community organizations are also welcome to host presentations or activities. We are open to comedy presentations, musical performances, magic shows, and much more. Please contact Martha Lechlinski at [email protected] for more information.

Activities Schedule

ACE Group Activities occur Monday through Friday, from 11:00- 12:00 pm or 1:00- 2:00 pm, and need at least two participants to take place. Volunteers are required to assist, participate, and help supervise groups.    



ACErcise is a light aerobic exercise group led by our physical and occupational therapists. Patients of all abilities are welcome to join! Groups consist of light exercises with music, dumbbells, balloons, balls, bike trainers, and resistance bands. Volunteers will assist the rehab team and be an enthusiastic participant for the full duration of the class.

Arts and Crafts


The Arts and Crafts group is designed to inspire artistic expression and challenge dexterity. Participants will be given a prompt and will receive guidance and assistance with the media provided. Volunteers assist participants with dexterity limitations, provide art ideas, and room clean up.

Group Lunch

No one likes to eat lunch alone. Participants have the opportunity to meet their neighbors, socialize in a group setting, and get out of their bedrooms. Volunteers will not be able to feed patients, but are welcomed to come for conversation and companionship.

Music Therapy


Every Tuesday, Ed (violinist) performs an assortment of songs that are familiar to patients and families from any decade. The familiar melodies can be heard throughout the halls, but the best seats are in the ACE room. He brings music books filled with ethnically diverse songs, popular musicals, and classic hits. The ACE unit is truly appreciative to have him part of the team. Volunteers will help gather participants to come to the ACE room, and supervise patients during the mini concert. 

Open Group

Open groups are playful activities based on participant interests. Family friendly activities such as board games, Bingo, art, storytelling, self-care workshops, or community presentations are patient favorites. Our volunteers bring their enthusiasm to the ACE room and teach our older patients how to embrace their inner child. 


The ACE Program activities are primarily supplied by generous donations from the community. All monetary donations will be used to supply group activity materials, such as games, art and craft supplies, playing cards, holiday decorations, large picture books, and music.

We also accept unused arts and crafts supplies, gently used clothing (men and women), and ethnic music and books. Please contact Martha Lechlinski at Martha.lechlin[email protected] for more information.

We strive to make the ACE unit a space for older adults to heal and return to a life of independence.

Due to the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place, we are currently not accepting donated items.  If you would like to make a monetary donation, please Make a Gift below

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Health Care Navigator/ Program Coordinator
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