Patient Stories

Below, find recent examples of our work with patients and patient care. Some articles were published in our newsletter, the Department of Medicine's Frontiers of Medicine.

Get the door feature photoGet the Door, It’s the Doctor: House Calls for Older Patients in San Francisco

Carol Jenkins Hill has been unable to walk since breaking her ankle two years ago. Her mobility was poor even before that, and despite physical therapy it’s almost impossible for the 73-year old to put weight on her legs. That keeps Hill, who lives in San Francisco, from doing many of the things she enjoys, like getting out to see friends. But, more significantly, it keeps her from doing the things ... » Read More

Helen KuoCaring for the Aging Population: Innovations in Geriatrics
Issue 18, Spring 2014

About 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day, and the number of seniors is expected to top 70 million by 2030. To help meet the needs of an aging population, the UCSF Division of Geriatrics is pioneering ways to provide better care to older adults, discover better therapies, and educate the next generation of medical professionals, caregivers and community members... » Read More

Heart Failure Program feature photoUCSF Heart Failure Program: Improving Outcomes
Issue 14, Spring 2012

Improved care of elderly patients with heart failure has led to shorter hospital stays and lower rates of death while in the hospital. Unfortunately, after leaving the hospital, many of these patients are at risk of being admitted to a nursing home, are frequently re-admitted to the hospital, or die in the month following hospital discharge ... » Read More

Louise Walter, MDWhen Less Is More: Balancing Harms, Benefits of Mammography
Issue 14, Spring 2012

Early in her career, Louise Walter, MD, struggled with the decision about which of her elderly patients she should encourage to obtain a screening mammogram. “When I looked at the guidelines, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended that you stop at age 70, the American Geriatrics Society said to stop at 85, and the ... » Read More