Our research is grounded in a deep respect for older persons, and a commitment to improving their health, well-being, and quality of life. Our commitment extends to all older persons across the spectrum of the aging experience.

Our Mission

Much of our work is focused on learning how elders can advance into very old age, free of disability and cognitive impairment.

An equal focus of our research is on older adults who need the help of families and caregivers, who have major cognitive impairments, are coping with multiple medical conditions, or are approaching the end of life. We believe this is an important aspect of our work because these are the patients who most need support and advocacy.

We believe the last decades of life are important and valuable. We are proud to be contributing to improvements in clinical care and public policy that enhance the quality of life of older adults ranging from the most healthy to the most frail and dependent older adults and their caregivers.


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