Medical Students


medical students

The faculty members of the Division of Geriatrics are award-winning, innovative leaders and educators in the UCSF School of Medicine and Department of medicine in undergraduate medical education. We aim to inspire medical students in the care of older persons, those with serious illness, and in the areas of interprofessional collaboration and health systems improvement.


UCSF Division of Geriatrics aims to provide each UCSF medical student with a foundation in the principles of geriatric medicine through integration into the existing medical school curricula and additional elective and scholarly offerings.

Medical Student Educational Offerings

  1. MSTAR: First year medical students during the summer
  2. Interprofessional Aging and Palliative Care elective and interest group: First through fourth year medical students
  3. Clinical Microsystems Clerkship (Focus on health systems improvement | Preceptorships with geriatrics faculty): First and second year medical students
  4. Life Stages, Geriatrics: Second year medical students
  5. Mentored research projects: First through fourth year medical students
  6. Longitudinal Clinic Experience: Third year medical students
  7. Geriatric & Palliative medicine electives: Fourth year medical students