Geriatrics Spotlight 

The goal of our fellowship programs is to attract and develop future healthcare leaders, especially in the areas of clinical geriatrics, teaching, health care improvement, and aging research. We seek individuals with exceptional talent, great interpersonal skills, and a strong drive to be at the forefront of advances in clinical medicine, education, research, and healthcare quality and safety.

Fellowship Programs

We are proud to welcome this year's cohort of fellows! As an introduction to the Division, each fellow will be highlighted here. Please click below to learn more about each fellow.

Amy Lu
Amy Lu, MD

I am a general internist and virtual primary care physician interested in leveraging telehealth technologies to redesign primary care delivery in ways that augments physician workforce retention while improving patient access and quality of care. I am currently engaged in a national evaluation of diabetic quality of care in veterans who have participated in longitudinal virtual primary care through an enterprise-wide VA program aimed to increase primary care workforce support to rural and underserved areas. Locally, I am also spearheading efforts to implement use of VA Video Connect, a videoconferencing telemedicine platform, in primary care practices within the San Francisco VA Health Care System. My career goal is to build and evaluate innovative clinical programs that deliver high-quality primary care to underserved populations. 

Melissa Mazor
Melissa Mazor, RN, OCN, PhDc

I am a PhD trained nurse with a background in oncology symptom science. My doctoral training focused on quantitative research and secondary data analysis of persistent symptoms in female cancer survivors. During my predoctoral education, I also gained extensive experience in qualitative interviewing and conducted over 200 qualitative semi-structured interviews assessing symptom experience, functional status, and quality of life in cancer survivors. During my first year at VAQS, I focused on a breast cancer screening QI project at the VA, a community-based project working with lay navigators and underserved breast cancer survivors, a qualitative study of older patients with metastatic lung cancer, and publications on symptoms in cancer survivors. 


Our mission is to improve the care of older patients locally and nationally through outstanding teaching and design of innovative curricula. We train physicians and other health professionals from first year students to seasoned clinicians in settings ranging from classroom to clinic and hospital to home.

Patient Care

We are specialists who provide person-centered medical care that reaches older persons where ever they need it--in hospitals, clinics or in their homes. Dignity, independence and choice are the focus of every healthcare decision.


Our research is grounded in a deep respect for older persons, and a commitment to improving their health, well-being, and quality of life. Our commitment extends to all older persons across the spectrum of the aging experience.


The Division of Geriatrics fosters healthcare transformation by finding new ways to improve the health of older persons.


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