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Every week, we feature one of our talented faculty, staff, or trainees.

Kathy Fung
Kathy Fung

K[email protected]
Senior Statistician

Kathy is a highly experienced statistician working with the division’s VA-based research group and has deep roots with us, having joined the division in 2007.  Raised in Hong Kong and southern China, Kathy and her family moved to the US right before Y2K, after she finished high school.  Although her college and master’s degree work eventually led her to being the statistician she is today, if she hadn’t moved to the US she would have likely become an elementary school mathematics teacher.  She still scratches that educational itch by teaching math to junior college students in the East Bay, who have remained surprisingly engaged through distance learning during the current pandemic. In a merging of worlds, one of her current students is a retired veteran who worked at the SFVA!

On the home front, Kathy lives in the warmer parts of the East Bay with her husband Devin and son Sagan, now 5, who is quite excited about his collection of transportation-related toys and has great interest in Solar System. If, like innumerable other people, you are wondering if Sagan was named after the famous astronomer Carl Sagan, the answer is “no.”  When he was born, Kathy and Devin looked through the census to identify less-common names that would complement his common last name of Jones (from her husband), and stumbled across Sagan. Apparently there is one other identifiable person in the world with the same first and last name, but he lives in Australia, so their boy remains unique enough on this side of the world. In the few seconds per year that Kathy is not busy with her work as a statistician, teaching junior college students, and raising her family, she enjoys cooking, gardening, reading and playing puzzle games.




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