Name Title Email/ Phone
Sarah Anvar, BASarah Anvar Project Assistant, Dr. Vicky Tang's Lab [email protected]
Rita Archakova, MARita Archakova Program Coordinator, Dementia Care Aware [email protected]
(415) 502-5740
Thomas Baker, RN


Administrative Coordinator,
UC Care at Home
[email protected]
(415) 514-3154
Sarah (Van Zanten) BronsteinSarah Van Zanten Program Manager, Tideswell Emerging Leaders in Aging and Aging Research in Criminal Justice Health Network [email protected]
Irena Cenzer, PhD Senior Statistical Scientist [email protected]
(415) 221-4810 x22707
Elaine ChowElaine Chow Education Programs Specialist [email protected]
Maxine DavisMaxine Davis Division Manager [email protected]
(415) 514-0719
Grisell Diaz-Ramirez, MSGrisell Diaz Ramirez Senior Statistical Scientist [email protected]
(415) 221-4810 x22707
Mitch Erickson, NPMitch Erickson Geriatrics Emergency Department Initiative Expert [email protected]
Edie Espejo, MAEdie Espejo Statistician [email protected] 

Clarissa Ferguson

Clarissa Ferguson
Program Coordinator, The PREPARE Study [email protected]
Dana Fongdana fong Program Coordinator, The PREPARE Study [email protected] 
(415) 502-3712
Kathy FungKathy Fung Senior Statistician [email protected]
(415) 221-4810 x24953
Siqi GanSiqi Gan Senior Statistician

[email protected]

Andrea Gonzalez, MPHAndrea Gonzalez Program Coordinator, Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP) [email protected]
(415) 514-7561
Courtney Gordon, DNPCourtney Gordon Nurse Practitioner,
UC Care at Home
[email protected]
(415) 514-0716
Marisa Guardado, LCSWMarisa Guardado Clinical Social Worker, UC Care at Home [email protected]
(415) 512-3322
Madina HalimM. Halim Clinical Research Coordinator, Drs. Krista Harrison and Theresa Allison's Labs [email protected] 

 Landon Haller

Landon Haller
Research Programs Coordinator, Pepper Center & Dr. Kenny Lam’s lab

[email protected]
(415) 502-9077 

Axel HerreraAxel Herrera Program Support, The PREPARE Study [email protected]
(415) 317-1654
(415) 502-3707 (LH)
Katrina HoughKatrina Hough Clinical Research Coordinator, Drs. Carla Perissinotto and Ashwin Kotwal Labs [email protected] 
(415) 502-5634
Sun Young Jeon, MS, PhDSun Young Jeon Senior Statistical Scientist [email protected]
(415) 502-3924
Bocheng Jing Senior Statistician [email protected]
(415) 221-4810 x24179
Jasmine Kang, MPHJasmine Kang Research Assistant, Drs. Alex Smith and Sei Lee's Labs [email protected]
Irina Kaplan, RN Practice Manager, UC Care at Home

[email protected]
(415) 514-9614

Camie Kuo, MS, RN, FNP-CCamie Kuo Nurse Practitioner, Age Friendly Emergency Department (AFED) [email protected]
Brookelle Li


Program Coordinator, The PREPARE Study [email protected]
(415) 317-3043
Lilliana LoweLilliana Lowe Research Program Assistant, The PREPARE Study

[email protected]

Journey Meadows, MS, RN, NPJourney Meadows Nurse Practitioner, Age Friendly Emergency Department (AFED) [email protected]
Alicia Neumann, PhD, MPAAlicia Neumann Program Director, Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP) [email protected]
(415) 476-5427
Sarah Ngo, MLIS, CCRPSarah Ngo Research Programs Specialist, Pepper Center Program Manager [email protected]
(415) 221-4510 x25450
Brian NguyenBrian Nguyen Research Assistant, Drs. Alex Smith and Sei Lee's Labs [email protected]
Kanan Patel, MPH, MBBSKanan Patel


Senior Statistician [email protected]
(415) 406-1578
Izabel Pisikyan, MA Program Coordinator, Dementia Care Aware [email protected]
(415) 502-6494
Jana Powell


Program Manager, The PREPARE Study [email protected]
(415) 221-4810 x23311
(415) 502-3711
Megan Rathfon, RN, NPMegan Rathfon Nurse Practitioner, Moffitt-Long Hospital Inpatient Geriatric Service/ACE Coordinator [email protected]

Emily Reyes, MPH

Emily Reyes
Clinical Research Coordinator, Dr. Meredith Greene's Lab [email protected]
Raha Shahroodi, BSRaha Shahroodi Program Manager, US Deprescribing Research Network [email protected]
415-221-4810 x 22520
Ying Shi, PhDYing Shi Senior Statistician [email protected]
(415) 221-4810 x23693
Haley Shiff, MSHaley Shiff Clinical Research Coordinator, Drs. Theresa Allison and Mike Steinman Labs [email protected]
(415) 353-9429

Paula Sison, MSOD

Paula Sison
Operations Assistant

[email protected]
(415) 476-9116

Patrice Stuerenberg, RN, BSN, MBA Administrative Coordinator, UC Care at Home [email protected]
(415) 512-4061
Yinan Su Project Coordinator, Dr. Louise Aronson's Lab [email protected]

Danielle Taylor, BA

Danielle Taylor
Associate Director of Operations, Dementia Care Aware [email protected]
(415) 502-6497
Soe Han ThaSoe Han Tha Research Supervisor, Drs. Carla Perissinotto and Ashwin Kotwal's Labs [email protected] 
(415) 476-1329
Alveena ThomasAlveena Thomas Clinical Research Coordinator, Dr. Janice Schwartz's Lab [email protected]
(925) 200-1149
Roniela Turingan, BARoniela Turingan QI/Program Coordinator, Age-Friendly Health System [email protected]
(415) 502-4893
Aiesha Volow, MPHAiesha Volow Research Program Manager, The PREPARE Study [email protected]
(415) 221-4810 x22217
Tajalei Willard Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator T[email protected]
Raymond Wong, MSWRaymond Wong Social Worker, UC Care at Home [email protected]
(415) 502-4053
Steven YimSteven Yim Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator, Dr. Stephanie Rogers Lab [email protected]
Thomas YuThomas Yu Senior Finance Specialist [email protected]
(415) 514-0715
Karen YuanKaren Yuan Assistant Division Manager [email protected]
(415) 476-0234
Caroline Sou ZiesmerCaroline Sou Operations Analyst [email protected]
(415) 476-0605