Current Fellows

Clinical Fellows 

Megan Gillum, MD  |  Alexander Kazberouk, MD  |  Lingsheng Li, MD, MHS  |  Angela Primbas, MD  |  Susan Runyan, MD  |  Julie Thai, MD, MPH

Megan Gillum

Megan Gillum, MD

[email protected]
Track: Geri-Pal (Year 1)
Undergraduate school, degree, and what they studied: University of Arizona, BA, Major English
Medical school: University of Pittsburgh
Graduate school (if any) and what they studied: N/A
Residency program name and field: Duke University Hospital System, IM


Why geriatrics?: I love to hear my patient's stories, and in geriatrics, understanding a person's story helps me deliver healthcare that reflects their goals and values.

What are your interests in medicine?: I am interested in clinical care, and advocacy

What hobbies do you enjoy?: I enjoy reading, riding my bicycle, and wandering through art museums.


Alex Kazberouk

Alexander Kazberouk, MD

[email protected]
Track: Geriatric Medicine
Undergraduate school, degree, and what they studied: Yale, BSc in Biology
Medical school: Harvard Medical School
Graduate school (if any) and what they studied: Harvard Business School
Residency program name and field: UC Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency, UCSF


Why geriatrics?: I love getting to know older adults and hearing their stories, aligning medical care with their goals of care, and figuring out how to navigate complex systems of care (and someday, hopefully, improving those systems)

What are your interests in medicine? Care for older and complex adults, health system reform, reimbursement innovation and alternative payment models, care at home, safe transitions of care, wilderness and high-altitude medicine

What hobbies do you enjoy?: Anything involving being outside that makes you feel exhausted: mountaineering, rock climbing, running, biking. Nerdy podcasts. 


Lingsheng Li

Lingsheng Li, MD, MHS

[email protected]
Track: Geri-Pal (Year 1)
Undergraduate school, degree, and what they studied: Johns Hopkins University, Bachelor of Science in Biology with minor in Psychology. 
Medical School: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine 

Graduate School: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Master of Health Science in Mental Health 
Residency Program: Johns Hopkins Bayview, Internal Medicine Primary Care Track 


Why Geriatrics? This is an amazing field that lets us take care of people who've cared for us and to help people like our grandparents meet their goals of care as they grow older! 

Interests in medicine: Narrative medicine, patient-caregiver relationship, resilience in chronic illness 

Hobbies: Visiting used bookstores, searching for that perfect bubble, doodling in a sketchbook 


Angela Primbas

Angela Primbas, MD

[email protected]
Track: Geriatric Medicine
Undergraduate school, degree, and what they studied: Harvard University, Government and Global Health
Medical school: University of Washington School of Medicine
Graduate school (if any) and what they studied: N/A
Residency program name and field: Stanford University, Internal Medicine


Why geriatrics?: I've always been drawn to primary care because I enjoy developing long term relationships with patients and helping people manage their health through different stages of life.  During residency, I developed a particular interest in caring for older adults in a primary care/outpatient setting.  I want to help older adults and their families manage health issues that arise with age in a way that aligns with patients' goals. Additionally, I'm interested in studying health disparities in medicine and how they change as patients age. 

What are your interests in medicine?: Health disparities, LGBTQ Health, Immigrant Health, Wellness

What hobbies do you enjoy?: I try to write, paint and bake pastries as often as possible.  I also enjoy dancing and hiking with my partner and my dog, Archie.  


Susan Runyan

Susan Runyan, MD

[email protected]
Track: Geriatric Medicine
Undergraduate school, degree, and what they studied: Princeton University, AB Religion
Medical school: University of California, San Francisco
Graduate school (if any) and what they studied: UC Berkeley, MPH (Maternal Child Health)
Residency program name and field: University of Washigton, Family Medicine
Fellowship program name and field (if any): This will be my first ACGME fellowship! In the past, I have done: Rural Family Medicine Fellowship (Tacoma Family Medicine Program) 1999-2000, which emphasized obstetrics; UCSF Family Medicine Nothern California Faculty Development Fellowship (2003-2004), University of Washington, Family Medicine Faculty Development Fellowship (1998-1999) 


Why geriatrics?: I have always had a love for elders, stemming from family experiences caring for grandparents. Having practiced primary care for about 20 years, I especially enjoy hearing my elder patients' stories and learning about their lives. I also have an interest in palliative care. I am really looking forward to this opportunity to develop some expertise, and explore how to help primary care better meet the needs of our growing demographic of elderly patients and provide meaningful, quality care, especially for older adults with complex health issues. I am also interested in medical education, and sense there is opportunity to help develop geriatric educational content at all levels including for mid-career physicians!

What are your interests in medicine? Primary care, geriatrics(!), palliative care, medical education, clinical uncertainty, colleague support

What hobbies do you enjoy? Spending time with my 12yo and 15yo kids(!), swimming, nature/ hiking, ping-pong. I am studying for my adult b'nai mitzvah currently, but not sure I would exactly call that a "hobby"(!)

Julie Thai

Julie Thai, MD, MPH

[email protected]
Track: Geriatric Medicine
Undergraduate school, degree, and what they studied: University of California, Riverside, BA in History
Medical school: Michigan State University - College of Human Medicine
Graduate school (if any) and what they studied: Columbia University-Mailman School of Public Health; MPH in Aging and Public Health
Residency program name and field: McLaren Health Care/Flint-Michigan State University Program; Family Medicine


Why geriatrics?: My interest in geriatrics started early in life when I watched my mother serve as a long-distance caregiver to her ailing elderly parents in Vietnam. My grandparents’ life course was mostly defined by illness and disability, and after losing them, I wanted to dedicate my life to promoting health among older adults. I have always enjoyed being around elders because of their humor and wisdom and love that I get to be their doctor. As a geriatrician, I have the ability to help elders in diverse clinical settings and learn about life and medicine from them. 

What are your interests in medicine?: Health promotion, preventive medicine, advocacy and health policy, social determinants of health.

What hobbies do you enjoy?: I enjoy cooking and baking. I also love to read biographies and learn about how iconic people in history came to be who they are. I used to be an avid rock climber and surfer would like to get into those activities again.


T32 Research Fellows

W. James Deardorff, MD  | Matthew Growdon, MD, MPH  |  Matthew Miller, PT, PhD  |  T. Richard Parenteau, MD, PhD  |  Mazie Tsang, MD

James Deardorff

W. James Deardorff, MD

[email protected]
Track: T32 Research
Undergraduate school, degree, and what they studied - UCLA, BS in Biochemistry
Medical school - St. Louis University in St. Louis, MO
Graduate school (if any) and what they studied - N/A
Residency program name and field - Duke, Internal Medicine


Why geriatrics? - Love the patient population, interdisciplinary team approach, and focus on function, quality of life, and deprescribing

What are your interests in medicine? - Cognitive impairment, frailty, deprescribing

What hobbies do you enjoy? - Running, basketball, tennis


Matthew Growdon

Matthew Growdon, MD, MPH

[email protected]
Track: T32 Research
Undergraduate schoolHarvard College, BA, History and Literature
Medical school: Harvard Medical School
Graduate school: Harvard School of Public Health, MPH

Residency: Brigham and Women's Hospital, Internal Medicine/Primary Care
Fellowship: Harvard Multicampus Geriatric Medicine Fellowship


Why geriatrics?
What a wonderful field! It is an immense pleasure to work with our patients and their families and to have such humane and thoughtful colleagues. I love the clinical complexity, the strong team approach to care, and the holistic focus on what matters most in navigating our complex medical system. The changing demographics of the US and many countries around the world demand innovative aging research and health system adaptations, and I am excited to be part of this movement.

What are your interests in medicine?
Dementia, delirium, and efforts to promote appropriate and safe prescribing and deprescribing of harmful medications.

What hobbies do you enjoy? 
Hiking, running, reading, politics, early 20th C. literary history, Supreme Court trivia, singing, and ferreting out coffee shops.


Matt Miller

Matthew Miller, PT, PhD

[email protected]
Track: T32 Research
Graduate School: Doctoral training in Physical Therapy, Thomas Jefferson University; PhD, University of Colorado 


Matt was born on a military base in the desert of southern California and raised near the ocean and casinos of southern New Jersey. He attended a small college in North Jersey, Felician College, on an athletic scholarship for cross-country, and moved on to Thomas Jefferson University to complete his Doctoral training in Physical Therapy. Following graduation, Matt moved to San Francisco and worked at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC). While at CPMC, Matt obtained his Neurologic Clinical Specialist Board Certification and treated patients with traumatic brain injury, stroke, spinal cord, and other disabling conditions. Working on two research studies at CPMC motivated Matt to pursue his PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Colorado. His mixed-methods dissertation examined the effects of psychosocial factors on rehabilitation and physical activity outcomes for people with amputation due to complications of diabetes or vascular disease. Additionally, he worked on multiple clinical trials focused on rehabilitation delivered physical activity behavior change interventions. Outside of work, you will probably see Matt biking, running, hiking, and eating his way through SF! 

What’s something about you that would surprise most people? 

Matt occasionally makes his own biking caps and loves to laugh (sometimes too loudly)! 


Richard Parenteau

T. Richard Parenteau, MD, PhD

[email protected]
Track: T32 Research
Undergraduate school, degree, and what they studied: California State University, Fullerton, BS, Biology (major) and Chemistry (minor)
Medical school: University of California, San Francisco
Graduate school (if any) and what they studied: University of California, San Francisco, PhD in Biomedical Sciences
Residency program name and field: UCSF Internal Medicine (Molecular Medicine program)


Why geriatrics?: My goal is to improve the lives of the elderly through both medical care and scientific research

What are your interests in medicine?: Translation research on the biology of aging; care for underserved and marginalized populations

What hobbies do you enjoy?: Dancing, art, and new adventures


Mazie Tsang

Mazie Tsang, MD

[email protected]
Track: T32 Research
Undergraduate School: University of Notre Dame, BA, Theology and Pre-professional Studies
​​​​Medical School: University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine
Graduate School: 
University of Hawaii, MS, Anatomy and Physiology
Residency: Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, Internal Medicine
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI, Hospice and Palliative Medicine


Why geriatrics?

Growing up in Hawaii, I gravitated towards spending my time with older adults, who are cherished as our "kupuna" filled with wisdom. I have since learned so much from my older patients and enjoy hearing their life stories. As a future hematologist/oncologist, I would like my work to give back to them by helping improve the life of and the quality of care that we provide to our older adults with cancer.

What are your interests in medicine?

I am interested in the intersection of geriatrics/palliative care and malignant hematology, with a focus on patient-reported outcomes, decision-making in older adults, and the care of older adults with advanced cancers. 

What hobbies do you enjoy?

Exploring California outdoors, going to museums, playing/re-learning the piano, time with family

VA Quality Scholars 

  Lauren Lederle, MD  |  Anna Oh, BSN, MSN, MPH  |  Debra Hemmerle, RN  |  Lulu Tsao, MD

Lauren Lederle

Lauren Lederle, MD

[email protected]
Track: VA Quality Scholars Program
Undergraduate School: Pomona college, BA, Neuroscience
Medical School: University of California, San Francisco
Residency: UCSF UC Primary Care Internal Medicine

Fellowship program name and field: Geriatric Medicine


Why geriatrics? 

I enjoy caring for older patients from whom there are always many things to learn! I was drawn to geriatrics by the diverse needs and perspectives of older patients and the privilege of helping patients and families navigate complex decisions of life and health with the goal of living their most fulfilling life. Continuity, humility and the wholistic approach of geriatrics also drew me to the field! 

What are your interests in medicine?

Novel care delivery models, community education and community building, Nursing Home care, Diabetes, Medication de-prescribing 

What hobbies do you enjoy?

Backpacking in the Sierra, tending my house plants, learning Spanish and Ukulele


Anna Oh

Anna Oh, BSN, MSN, MPH
Track: VA Quality Scholars Program
Graduate School: University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Nursing


A Bay Area native, Anna completed her undergraduate studies at Wellesley College and master’s studies in nursing and public health at Johns Hopkins. Anna will receive her PhD in nursing with a focus on health policy from UCSF in August 2019. Anna has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings as a nurse in neurosciences, hematology oncology, and clinical services research.

Anna wants to apply her clinical and research background in outcomes research and program evaluation to maintain and improve the health and quality of life in community-residing older adults and make tangible, sustainable improvements in the delivery of and access to health care services.   

Fun Facts:

What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?

Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you.

Who is someone you admire, and why?

Leana Wen. An intelligent, articulate, and thoughtful woman dedicated to improving health outcomes and access to health care for vulnerable and underserved populations

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about you?

Oboe player, competitive figure skater, flying trapeze.

Debra Hemmerle

Debra Hemmerle, RN

[email protected]
Track: VA Quality Scholars Program
Graduate School: 



Lulu Tsao

Lulu Tsao, MD

[email protected]
Track: VA Quality Scholars Program
Graduate School: ​​​​​​