Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Appreciation Week in Geriatrics!

Next week from September 26-30, please join us in celebrating the hard work of the many advanced practice providers (APP) who work in the Division of Geriatrics:

  • Care at Home
    • Courtney Gordon, DNP
    • Helen Horvath, NP, MSN
    • Matt Tierney, NP, CNS
    • Scott Tamblin, NP
  • IP Geriatrics:
    • Megan Rathfon, RN, NP
    • Sasha Binford, PhD, MS, RN, PHN, AGCNS-BC
  • AFED:
    • Mitchel Erickson, DNP, MS, ACNP-C, RN
    • Yoonmee Joo, PhD, ANP-C, RN
    • Camie Kuo, MS, FNP-C, RN
    • Journey Meadows, NS, AGNP-C, RN
    • Anna Hines, FNP-C, MPH, RN
  • SFCJL:
    • Celso (Jay) Huiso, CCRN, MSN, FNP-C

This integral group of providers elevates the field of medicine and nursing and ensures that our most vulnerable populations receive high-quality, evidence-based care.  We are so honored to work alongside all of you!! 

This recognition is part of a UCMC system-wide APP Week.  Please check your inbox for an announcement made to all APPs regarding the planned events