Congratulations to Sarah Ngo on her promotion to Program Manager!

Sarah Ngo joined our Division back in May of 2016 as a Clinical Research Coordinator primarily working with Drs. Louise Walter and Ken Covinsky on their research.  Sarah quickly became acquainted with other PIs within the Division, as well as outside the Division (especially those who are mentees of Drs. Walter and Covinsky), and in one way or another, had a positive impact on their projects too.  With an infectious smile and a can-do attitude, Sarah proved to be competent, dependable and never hides behind the details of her job description.  Whenever anyone needed help, Sarah’s the go-to person.  Over the years, she has trained many of our CRCs, SRAs and Project Coordinators to uphold the same standards, and follow established procedures.  She has become our Division’s “super CRC” and it’s no surprise that Sarah was officially promoted to Senior CRC last year as she took over all the Pepper Center administrative tasks.  Sarah now works closely with the Pepper Center Directors (Drs. Covinsky and Steinman), as well as PIs of our Pepper Pilots and other peripheral programs, to further the Center’s mission of improving the care and well-being of older adults.  Because of Sarah’s amazing organizational ability and passion for problem-solving, she has also been tasked with working to assess the Division’s research operational needs and make substantiated suggestions for improvements and resource optimization.  Most recently, Sarah has been tasked with making website enhancements for the HRSA Optimizing Aging Collaborative at UCSF because of the impressive work she’s done with the Pepper Center website.  We are very much looking forward to her wonderful work ahead!  Most importantly, it is our pleasure to officiate Sarah Ngo’s well-deserved promotion to Program Manager!  Congratulations Sarah!