UCSF Division of Geriatrics Hosted 11 UCSF MSTAR Students from Around the Country

The UCSF MSTAR program featured 11 students from medical schools around the country coming to UCSF to learn about Geriatrics and work with aging research mentors on clinical research projects.  The students presented their projects, spanning the full breadth of aging research.  Thanks to the UCSF mentors who have devoted countless hours to helping these students learn about clinical research.  And, congratulations to each and every one of the 2018 UCSF MSTAR students for putting in the hard work of doing the research!


Home Med School

UCSF Mentor(s)

Title/Research Project

Boccaccio, Dominic

Ponce Health Sciences University

Ken Covinsky

Can Those with Poor Health Still be Satisfied with Life?

Dutt, Meghan

California Northstate University

Vicky Tang

Older Adults Just Want to Have Fun…After Surgery

Ear, Sapphire


Sarah Hooper
Anne Fabiny

Impact of Medical-Legal Partnership on Care of Complex Older Veterans

Feuz, Mariko

Des Moines University

Rebecca Sudore

Analysis of ACP in IHSS program

Hosaka, Kalei

John A. Burns School of Medicine

Victor Valcour

Geriatric Syndromes and Inflammation in People Living with HIV Over Age 60

Kim, Shannen


Michi Yukawa

Community Living Center Redesign

Kler, Sarah

Brown University

Rebecca Brown

Geriatric Syndromes & Health Care Utilization among Older Adults Residing in Subsidized Housing

Li, Amanda


Brie Williams

Falls Among Incarcerated Older Adults in Jail: Prevalence and Risk Factors

Metzger, Lia

New York Medical College

Louise Walter
Melisa Wong

Life Space Assessment During Lung Cancer Treatment in Older Adults

Savoie, Marissa


Alison Huang

Sleep disruption in midlife and older women with overactive bladder: a randomized controlled trial of slow guided breathing

Sukumar, Smrithi


Janice Schwartz

Anticoagulation Medications in the Context of Older Patients