Welcome David Cloud!

David Cloud started yesterday, Monday, Dec 2nd and will be serving the role of Research Program Manager for Dr. Brie Williams’ criminal justice and health programs.  David earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Georgia, his JD at the Villanova University School of Law, his MPH at Columbia University and is currently enrolled in a PhD program at Emory University.  Wow, and there’s more…!  David has presented about two dozen presentations on criminal justice and addressing health disparities, is an active member in numerous community service and working groups on health reform, has multiple peer-reviewed publications on solitary confinement, health reform (particularly for the underserved populations), and public health policies.  Last but not least, he is currently a Pre-Doctoral Fellow at Brown University on an R25 Award entitled “Criminal Justice Research Training Program on Substance Use, HIV, and Comorbidities”, and previously received two separate grants from the Robert Wood Johnson and Livingston Foundations.  David most recently worked at the Vera Institute of Justice as a Senior Program Associate, and has been there since 2012.  Over the past seven years, David has made a huge impact at the Center for Sentencing and Corrections and had direct involvement in the following efforts/programs:

  • Safe Alternatives to Segregation/Safe Prisons, Safe Communities
  • Transforming responses to drug use in the U.S. justice system
  • Enhanced Pre-Arraignment Screening Unit Project
  • Justice Reform for Healthy Communities
  • 50 State Prison Health Survey
  • Justice and Health Connect
  • Competency Restoration Project
  • The Role of Indigent Defense for Defendants with Mental Health Disorders


Prior to Vera, he worked at the Emory University-Rollins School of Public Health as a Research Assistant on a project that intended to mitigate overdose, curb infectious disease transmission, and expand addiction services for people who inject drugs in rural Kentucky.  He was also a Program Manager at Columbia University, Joseph L. Mailman School of Public Health where he managed a study on public health initiatives in New York City.  Finally, David also worked as a Legal Research Staff for the Center for Court Innovation and was a Habeas Corpus Unit Intern for the Federal Community Defender Office.  With over 13 years of experience and a passion for health reform, David has chosen to join UCSF and be a part of bringing evidence-based health and healthcare solutions to criminal justice reform efforts in California and nationwide.  David will be working alongside with Brie and her entire team to really make an impact on this very important work!  He can be reached at [email protected].  On behalf of Brie, Cyrus and their entire team, please help us welcome David to the team!!