Drs. Ritchie, Garrett, Harrison, and Perissinotto Publish Article in Journal of Applied Gerontology

UCSF team members Drs. Christine Ritchie, Sarah Garrett, Krista Harrison and Carla Perissinotto, former UCSF team members Ashley Eaton England and Sarah Garrigues, along with colleagues at Johns Hopkins, have published A Home-Based Care Research Agenda by and for Homebound Older Adults and Caregivers. Funded by a PCORI engagement award, over a period of 9 months we convened virtual stakeholder groups with diverse homebound older adults and caregivers to develop and prioritize research domains and questions. The top three domains for future research identified by stakeholders included: out-of-pocket costs of caregiving, access to home-based care (and related policy issues), and relationship with doctors.